Encouragement for the Journey 16 November 2014

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Encouragement for the Journey 16 November 2014

Encouragement for the Journey


Greetings fellow traveller,

While preparing for today’s Anniversary Service, I gave some thought to how the past, present and future are constantly with us. They are intrinsically inter – related and inter-dependent one upon the other.

From a philosophical perspective, some philosophers support time as a fundamental structure of the universe, while for others, time is just a human construct, which cannot be measured or travelled in.

From a theological perspective, some theologians take the view that time is linear, beginning with God’s act of creation and culminating with God’s judgement at the end of the world. While for others, time is seen in a very different way through two Greek words Chronos and Kairos.

I personally find these two words most helpful. Chronos is linear time, with a quantitative perspective i.e. measured and from which we derive our words for chronology, synchronise and chronic. While Kairos is to see time from a qualitative perspective in which the holy, divine or sacred, may break into our human world. We could say that the membrane between the sacred and the profane, or spirit and physical world, for a moment becomes so thin, that we experience the presence of the Sacred, the Holy, the One we name as God, in ways that we are transformed in some way, leaving us to see people and things with new eyes. This happens in many different and varied ways.

Today in our St Aidans Anniversary Celebration, we seek to acknowledge and honour Kairos moments in the life of our Community. Kairos moments leave us with memories, so it will not come as a surprise, that at a gathering such as this, the presence of memories will be present; they will evoke for us a mix of thoughts and feelings. We honour these and the special people whose physical presence is no longer with us, but whose presence lingers on within the memory banks of our individual and communal hearts and minds.

May your memories rekindle and warm your soul.

May enjoyment in our gathering together,

bring you pleasure and delight.

May you be held within the sacred embrace of

God’s kairos moments.

 Meanwhile Peace and courage for your journey