Encouragement for the Journey 15 March 2015

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Encouragement for the Journey 15 March 2015

Encouragement for the Journey

Ordinary Time

Greetings fellow traveller,

This week I took my seven-year-old grandson Luka to School. During our 10-minute car trip, we talked about the lessons he was having that day and what he was learning in RE (Religious Education Ė he attends a Catholic School). He shared with me the story of Jesus stilling the storm, almost verbatim from the biblical story.

I was delighted with what I heard, that he could tell me the story, but also his ability to listen to the teacher, the vocabulary he used, and memory skills demonstrated, these showed a healthy child development.

However, when we mature into adults there is offered to us another way of approaching scripture in particular the parables of Jesus. Itís the way of letting scripture read our lives. This means listening to a parable as a description of our ordinary lives, in which the mystery of God is present offering us the opportunity to change and transform our lives.

I recall reading somewhere: parables are about ordinary life, to show what our ordinary lives may become.

In the midst of our ordinary lives, with its myriad of challenges, demands, griefís, uncertainties, and unknowns there may come into our awareness an expectation that God will miraculously rescue us and change our ordinary situation into one of blissful utopia.

Not so.

Rather, in the midst of our ordinary lives, we are invited to change the way we respond and see the situation we are currently experiencing, through different eyes.

A parable offers such an opportunity, to read our lives, and to respond to Godís gracious presence in our ordinary lives, so we maybe transformed and life takes on a different hue.

Meanwhile peace in our ordinary lives