Encouragement for the Journey 13 October 2013

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Encouragement for the Journey 13 October 2013

Encouragement for the Journey


Greetings fellow traveller,

This week, I have been reminded of an important aspect of interpersonal relationships. Let me share with you.

Nothing worse could happen to one than be completely understood’ – Carl Jung

An initial reading of the above statement might offer the idea, something is wrong. That it should read misunderstood instead of understood.

No. It is correct, even though we may desire to be understood by those closest to us and those we may meet along the way. The reality is that we are never fully known, there are always layers upon layers within us, awaiting our discovery.

If another person should know everything about us, where would be go? What is left to discover?

To be understood is a gift, for we can only at best attempt to understand another, at the moment of their sharing something of themselves. To understand is not to ‘analyse’ or attempt ‘to figure out,’ or ‘interpret the words or actions of another’, rather it is an understanding of the heart.

This understanding of the heart is seeking to accept that others have their reasons for their actions or their language, for which we at the moment are not ‘privy’ to. Also the person themselves may not fully understand why they act or speak as they do. Perhaps, they have not yet arrived at that particular layer of their own understanding or awareness.

We can still care and accept another on the journey, for they too are like ourselves, for we each have layers of understanding waiting to be discovered. For one day we will know as we are fully known.

Meanwhile Peace in our unknowing