Encouragement for the Journey 11 August 2013

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Encouragement for the Journey 11 August 2013

Encouragement for the Journey


Greetings fellow Pilgrim,

I wrote this a few year years ago, but it is still so very relevant. Enjoy:

The story is told of a man who is standing in awe and wonder gazing at the Niagara Falls, he is experiencing their majestic presence bathing him in delight. When suddenly a man hurriedly walked up to the viewing area with his wife, he snapped a few pictures and then rather impatiently turned to his wife and said, Ok Mabel, weíve seen it, letís go.Ē

Can you recall a time you arrived at a place you had never visited before? What was going through your mind? May be lots of questions about the history of the place, its customs, culture and the life of the people, perhaps you just wanted to stay there for a little while, but travel arrangements meant you had to continue.

In one sense we juggle being tourists and pilgrims. Yes, we long to be pilgrims, to fully engage in the pilgrimage called life, but alas, often we are like butterflies flitting here and there like our tourist above, not taking enough time to savour and perhaps stand for a while and appreciate the beauty that is in and all around us.

Take heart, you and I can be pilgrims, allowing the wonder and beauty of life to enter into our inner being, our heart, our soul, our inner world. We donít need a photograph; the vista has been snapped on the camera of our heart, and we respond with praise and thankfulness, we become lost in wonder and love.

Being pilgrims requires a change of heart, we change gear, taking time to smell and taste life in all its fullness. This may mean we learn to live without having simple answers to complex questions, rather, we trust the wildness of the Spiritís breath to give us life and hope, seeking to follow Jesus, the Author and great Questioner of our faith, on this our unfinished journey.

Meanwhile Peace