Encouragement for the Journey 10/3/2013

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Encouragement for the Journey 10/3/2013

Encouragement for the Journey

Greetings fellow traveller, 

I am writing this in a cafe situated in Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport waiting for my flight back to New Zealand. One of the interesting aspects of travel is participating in the energy mix of cultures and ethnicities which forms a continuous flow of humanity through an international airport.

No matter what our ethnicity, culture or religious practice or no religious practice may be, we all share a common humanity. I also find it interesting to wander around airports and see what I can discover. I was not disappointment for at Terminal 4, I discovered the Inter – Faith Prayer Room. Upon entering, I saw an open carpeted space, with a couple of men bowed in prayer and facing Mecca in the Islamist Tradition. Walking past their space I found an area with chairs in rows, a lectern and table which had a sign on it saying, Christian altar please respect.

I spent some time there enjoying the silence; it was a very special moment, to reconnect with my soul. Then on my out I noticed the following prayer on the wall

A Prayer for People of All Faiths 

Lord of all creation, we stand in awe before you, impelled by visions of the harmony of man. We are children of many traditions, inheritors of shared wisdom and tragic misunderstandings, of proud hopes and humble successes. Now it is time for us to meet, in memory and truth, in courage and trust, in love and promise. 

In that we share …

…let us see the common prayer of humanity;

In that in which we differ…

…let us wonder at the freedom of man;

In our unity and our differences…

…let us know the uniqueness that is God. 

May our courage match our convictions and our integrity match our hope. 

May our faith in your bring us closer to each other. 

May our meeting with past and present bring blessing for the future. Amen 

I find this prayer invites me to re – consider what is important and also acknowledge that those of another faith will see things differently to me yet we each share a common humanity and have an opportunity to work together for peace and reconciliation.


Meanwhile Peace