Encouragement for the Journey 1 March 2015

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Encouragement for the Journey 1 March 2015

Encouragement for the Journey


Greetings fellow traveller,

While travelling to St Aidans this week, I was channel surfing on my car radio and decided the concert programme was the most appropriate station while I was sitting in traffic, waiting to access the motorway system. The continuity announcer introduced a piece of music by Amadeus Mozart, which he wrote in 1764, when just eight years old. It was his first complete Symphony (Symphony No. 1 in E Flat.) For those among us who are music aficionados, it contained allegro molto, andante and presto.

Yes, Mozart was a child prodigy, but we would be wrong to think that only a few of us mere mortals actually have those seeds of greatness inside us. I am a great believer in the acorn principle. For each child born, is called into something very unique, we may describe this, as a seed or acorn of giftedness. For some that seed often lays dormant within the soul, while for others, for many reasons it starts to grow, first a tentative shoot, then a young slender tree, and then finally the mighty oak.

Today, at our Kids N All Service, we celebrate National Childrenís Day. Here at St Aidans, a Kids Friendly Church, where each child, young person and Adult, has giftedness, which is particular and unique.

The most wonder Ė filled aspect of our giftedness, is that it is not just for personal enjoyment and satisfaction, rather, it is there also for the blessing of others.

Sometimes, we know what our giftedness is, while other times we are uncertain. A community of faith needs to be a safe place where we may learn, experiment and discover our giftedness, along with encouraging and creating space for one other to bring forth their own giftedness.

What amazing possibilities we are being offered here at St Aidans through each otherís giftedness. Of course the key is to ensure we give space for each otherís giftedness to shine, enrich and bless one another. That is something we may also celebrate today on National Childrenís Day.

Meanwhile Peace