Encouragement for the Journey 05/02/2012

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Encouragement for the Journey 05/02/2012

Encouragement for the Journey

Greetings Fellow Traveller,

Today is our Kids N All Service with a New Zealand theme. Being Kiwi is something unique and important, yet it is difficult to define or describe. I think what is at its heart is a belonging to this land of Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Belonging is a powerful word. Maybe one of the most powerful words there is. It taps into something very deep within us – the yearning to be part of something larger than ourselves, to be accepted and loved by others with our gifts and limitations. This hunger to belong is a desire within us that seeks to bridge the gap that exists between isolation and intimacy. We may have all that the world seeks to offer in terms of prestige, possessions, achievement, yet without a true sense of belonging, our lives can feel empty and pointless. Like a ship without a rudder, aimlessly drifting on the sea of life.

We find our belonging in a variety of ways, through various kinds of communities. This desire to belong was brought home to me this week, when I had to send some emails and make some phone calls to people who did not have an Internet connection. The comment was made, how an email is an efficient communication medium, but it lacks a personal touch, the sound of a human voice.

We humanoids are personal human beings not machines or robots. If you look back over your past week and those special moments, were you alone or with another human being? For what gives us the most joy and pleasure is being with others, to journey with another for a while, to share stories and create memories.

This is very evident when someone we love dies, we experience grief and loss, for their physical presence is no longer with us, we feel the deep ache and pain of their absence. We take a while to discover that their presence is with us in a very different way. Over time, through the seasons of the heart, our belonging with those departed, is transformed, into an invisible presence within the memory banks of our heart. I leave you with these words from Peruvian Poet – Cesar Vallejo which speaks of our human need for belonging:

†††††††† Bake bits of fresh breads for you

†††††††† Here, in the oven of my heart

Meanwhile Peace in your belonging






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