Encouagement for the Journey

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Encouagement for the Journey

Encouragement for the Journey

Journey picture  ex Ben C.

Greetings fellow traveller, 

This week I returned from leave to commence another year of ministry with and among you. Who knows what the journey will bring or where it will take us?

The word journey is one which I admit; I use very often, both verbally and in written communication. This is intentional, for it is a beautiful metaphor describing life and the journey from birth to our death, which awaits all who have been born into our human existence.

The word journey embraces, travel, movement, change, uncertainty, moments of elation and moments of boredom, times when we feel flat or down, and not forgetting delight, wonder and mystery. These experiences and so much more occur at various moments in our individual and communal lives.

The title of these weekly offerings is Encouragement for the Journey. This again is intentional; I want to affirm that the journey we are on together requires you and me to be encouraged. This may occur in various ways and this is just one way for this to occur. I am sure you know other ways for encouragement to be offered. What might they be?

For the past four years, here at St Aidans, we have been travelling together on our communal journey. We have experienced a variety of happenings and I am sure the coming year will be no different. The journey ahead will take us through a variety of landscapes, each expectant with possibilities yet unknown. We continue to step out on the journey of another year together not knowing what challenges await us.

We can face these challenges together with the presence of the Spirit of Christ, who’s enabling, offers hope, courage, wisdom, peace and love. That is encouragement indeed while we travel on the journey towards the horizon of creative risk taking……………………………..

Meanwhile Peace and Go well