Editorial – November 2016

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Editorial – November 2016

The Bonds of Fellowship

Our table topic in October was Ďwhat motivates us to attend Church servicesí.† Time not permitting to report our responses it was left to me to gather the paste-up notes and summarise the answers.† It became obvious from the outset that the replies could be summarised under four headings with Fellowship and Friendship leading the pack by a substantial margin.† Faith and Worship came out second best, followed by Support and Guidance.† Last, but not least featured Customary Habit of Sunday observance.† It was appropriate to relate these findings to several interesting snippets of information that previous editor Malcolm entrusted to me that summarise our sense of belonging.

People Warmth

It is that sense of comfort and joy that comes from being near loved ones and knowing that someone cares.† Part of Godís purpose in creating this Church is to provide this kind of warmth for you.† The Bible calls it fellowship, a supernatural closeness that exists between believers, because God is in their midst.† God has put us here so we can enjoy and benefit from this fellowship, and each Church member supplies part of that warmth.

You are part of that fellowship of this Church.† Each time you attend, encourage someone or join in the singing, you are building the warmth that makes our Church special.† Enjoy the warmth that God has provided.† Warm your hearts with the love of Godís people.† And in a lighter vein



Why do they go to Church?

The following verse was found stuck in a grandfather clock in 1885 and written by Rev JS Bouchier of Caernarvon Training College, who won a 10 guineas prize in a competition

Some go to church for just a walk

Some go to stare and laugh and talk

Some go there to meet a friend

Some their idle time to spend

Some for general observation

Some seek to find a lover

Some a courtship to discover

Some go there to use their eyes and newest fashion to criticise

Some to show their own smart dress

Some their neighbours to assess

Some to scan a robe or bonnet

Some to price the trimmings on it

Some to learn the latest news that friends at home they may amuse

Some to gossip false and true safe hid within the sheltering pew

Some go to please the squire

Some his daughters to admire

Some the parson to fawn

Some to lounge and some to yawn

Some to claim the parish doles

Some for bread and some for coals

Some because it is thought genteel

Some to vaunt their pious zeal

Some to show how sweet they sing

Some how loud their voices ring

Some the preacher go to hear, his style or voice to praise or cheer

Some forgiveness to implore

Some their sins to vanish oíer

Some to sit and doze and nod

And some to kneel and worship God

Happy are those who donít go to church

Why not have a sleep in anyway?

Why not go sailing, play a game of golf or clean up around the house?

Why should you go to church and the roof fall on your head?

Why listen to a whole lot of religious talk?

Why should you go and feel that you just donít measure up?

Only more guilt and pressure to add to your overloaded condition.

If you have felt this way



Thank you to Pat and Grace for picking up the challenge from my October editorial and translating it into our ĎHymní Service on 30 October.† If you were not there Ė you missed a treat.† In this Informer we have reproduced the offering from some of the service participants and plan to bring you some others in the next issues.