Donís Musings – November 2013

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Donís Musings – November 2013

ďThe important thing about a church is not that it has a set of beliefs, but that it is a community; a community trying t find the best in life.Ē

This quote in a recent Listener article caught my attention.† But what really interested me was that the author was a man reviled inside and outside the Presbyterian Church Ė a man regarded as the devil incarnate by some people.

Lloyd Geering is, of course, that man.† Years ago, I used to accompany my wife Margaret, when she sang Negro spirituals.† One of these was ďPlenty good roomĒ.† If Lloyd Geering turned up to a Sunday morning service at St Aidans, would we find plenty good room for him?

We style ourselves as a community, and inclusive.

If you turned away the Professor for his beliefs, or perhaps his unbeliefs, you would have to turn me away for some of my doubts.

Perhaps we should pay less worry about what we do or donít believe in, and like the Pope and St Francis Assisi, go out and do something as part of our ministry.