Don Boyd- A Tribute

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Don Boyd- A Tribute

5 July 1923 – 22 June 2019

Don Boyd a well known and loved elder of St Aidan’s Presbyterian Church was laid to rest in a service of celebration of his life, on 1 July 2019. He died on 22 June.  Had he lived just two weeks longer, he would have reached his 96th birthday. 

Don served this district as a teacher, a headmaster and if there was a pianist required, wherever and whenever Don could, he would oblige – community groups – Anzac services – social functions and not least, this church.

To the question, “Who shall I send?”, Don was always the man who answered “I am here Lord, send me”.  At working bees of all types and certainly at St Aidan’s, one could rely on Don always being willing to go the extra mile. Don would and could state his advice clearly but, should that not be taken, his support for the majority decision was still wholly forthcoming.  Don did not support the move to split the congregation in order to build an extra and alternative congregation in the new area at Lindisfarne.  He was proved correct in his fear that this would weaken the St Aidan’s base but he did his best to make it work, serving as Sunday School teacher, sometimes preacher and of course as Music Director.  And this he continued to do until the failure overcame the venture. 

But it is his contribution as an organist and a pianist at St Aidan’s for which most of our appreciation is centred.  Don could make the church’s musical instruments speak as no other could achieve.  This without being able to read musical scores.  All his talent relied on tonic solfa.  He even had a hymn book written in tonic solfa. But mostly he relied on the music superimposed within his being.

We salute you Don.  We miss you and we give thanks for sharing in your long and fruitful life.

Bruce Hay