With winter coming upon us and the likelihood of more wet “inside days” it is sometimes hard to think of different ways to entertain the children without making a huge mess or costing a small fortune. Also finding a activity that can be done with little or no supervision is also (in my eyes) a top of the list option when you are also wanting to recharge your batteries after a hard week at work….so here’s a couple of things that have worked well in my house and are not too expensive as well.

Rolled Up Newspaper Construction

Newspaper Construction

For this you will just need newspaper and rolls of Sellotape (I just use the cheap rolls from the $2 shop where you can get four or five mini rolls for about $3).  By just rolling on the diagonal these tubes are very strong and can be used to make various houses, bridges etc.  My children love making animals as well and we’ve had families of giraffes, large and small (over 1 metre tall!) “grazing” in the dining room for weeks.

Photo courtesy of www.innerchildfun.com

Puffy Snowflake Paintings

The next idea may drive some parents crazy and I may regret sharing the link but I thought the idea was quite cool
and something
different for all ages to have a go at!

How to Make Puffy Snowflakes







Photos courtesy of www.innerchildfun.com

Go to Innerchildfun‘s lovely website for instructions.  They are really easy to follow and I’m sure some amazing pictures can be made….don’t just restrict yourself to snowflakes….try different colours and see what happens!

(Don’t forget that 1 cup of normal flour mixed with 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder makes self-raising flour if you don’t have any in your pantry.)


Cool Maths Games Header


If you’re not in the mood to make a mess and just need to relax there is always the option of starting up the computer and linking into the free web site Cool Maths Games.

There are a lot of strategic games and real math games,  all with various degrees of difficulty.  Check out the A – Z list where you can see the level of each game…..watch out parents as some of these can become addictive!