Connections & Communications – October 2012

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Connections & Communications – October 2012


  • Floral Affair:-The Floral High Tea/ Concert on SATURDAY SEPT. 15TH.  proved a great success;-   this not only from a fellowship and social point of view , but also as a “fund Raiser” towards Church running costs. A  mammoth “THANK YOU” to all those helpers, young and old, who worked so hard and cheerfully, and to those also who baked to provide such a wonderful spread of food. All, including the artists who entertained, contributed magnificently towards  a  truly enjoyable “HAPPENING”!   Including donations still appearing at the time of writing this item, the monetary contribution to Church Funds is likely to reach $2000.


  • St Aidans Facebook Page– (Keeping up with technology!)  As reported last newsletter, it has been decided to set up a St Aidans Facebook page in a “todays world” approach to interacting with the Community.  The wonderful world of technology which opens a plethora of information (Web sites/ Face book/ Twitter/What else?) open to world wide access does however raise need for caution in regards to privacy concerns.


In endeavour to exercise reasonable caution the following Protocols for St Aidans’ Facebook pages have been adopted:

  • That  only Alf and Andrea Palmer will have the password to upload photos and articles onto our Facebook page.
  • That any person can view the page and make a comment;-, however, if Alf or Andrea deem that comment to be inappropriate in some way they can delete it.
  • If someone wishes to upload anything, Alf or Andrea will need first to approve of the content.
  • There will be a connection between our WEB page and Facebook.
  • Alf or Andrea can approve or not approve who we are friends with on Facebook.
  • When photographs are taken of our various functions and placed on Facebook,  people in the Parish can say if they do not wish their photograph to be placed on Facebook.


Please note the following in this regard;-

  • St Aidans Church now has a Social Media presence in the world which includes a website and a Facebook Page.
  • Photographs are taken from time to time at Church Functions. Unnamed photographs may be published in these social media.
  • Members who do not wish to have their photograph or other personal details published in this way are requested to advise Bruce Hay, the


  • Executive Elder. Otherwise it will be assumed that you are so agreeable.
  • St. Aidans Anniversary:-  In November it will be 81 years since the laying of the foundation stone of the current Church Building. The Church Council has decided to mark this milestone in our history by holding a St. Aidans Birthday Party  as part of the Kids N All service on Sunday November 4th. 2012. More details will be revealed at Sunday Services through October!  You and all our friends are invited !




Every two years the PCANZ (Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ) convenes a General Assembly. This year it is to be held in Rotorua and I will be attending on your behalf.  At each Assembly the Church elects a new Moderator this year it is the Rev Ray Coster. He has written a series of studies. They are on his theme: “Reviving the Flame: Living in the power of God’s presence and the presence of God’s power”

There is an opportunity to participate in these studies on the following Tuesday evenings in the Lindisfarne Lounge


                   Tuesday 9th October 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Study One: Reviving the Flame: Living in the power of God’s presence                                   and the presence of God’s power


                    Tuesday 16th October 7.30pm – 9.00pm      

Study Two:  Living with a resurrection mind-set


                    Tuesday 23rd October 7.30pm – 9.00pm     

Study Three: The WHY of mission and the HOW and WHAT of                                               a resurrection Church mind-set


                   Tuesday 30th October 7.30pm – 9.00pm      

Study Four:  Putting the resurrection Church into action – The fruits of                                   the resurrection mind-set


I will facilitate each evening, with much participation from those who attend. I look forward to journeying through these studies with you


Meanwhile Peace