Connections & Communications – November 2012

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Connections & Communications – November 2012


  • Building Insurance:  The Finance Committee has had major work involved over many months in consideration of what best to do in renewal of insurance cover for your Church building. As you will be aware, following the Christchurch earthquake disaster, the Insurance world was turned upside down and premiums involving cover for earthquake and other natural disasters has skyrocketed!


Most Presbyterian Properties have traditionally been insured through a division of the National Church Office which negotiates a group scheme with a suitable compliant insurance company. This in the past has resulted in very reasonable comparative premiums. Following the aforementioned “Insurance Upheaval” however the division (known as “Presbyterian Insurance Group” or PIG ) has found considerable difficulty in re- negotiating a suitable global cover, and has taken many, many months to come up with sufficient cover details and premium figures to allow Finance Committees to analyse what to best do for satisfaction of their Congregation’s best benefit.


This delay became quite frustrating and dangerously close to running into a situation where your Committee could wait no longer before our current cover terminated, so a quote from other sources via MARSH Insurance Brokers was sought. This resulted in a premium for full cover, including Earthquake and Natural Disaster, quoted at over $9000,and the Finance Committee was  in a position of  needing to recommend to the Church Council its acceptance when, within three days of final deadline for decision , the Presbyterian Insurance Group finally supplied sufficient detail of similar cover and an offer of a premium some $2000 less. Thus, by skin of teeth timing, and in spite of the considerable frustrations experienced in dealing with “PIG”, your Committee was convinced in its ability to recommend the Church accept the “PIG” offer, saving some $2000 over the MARSH offer, but, of course more than double the premiums we have in past years enjoyed.


  • New updated Church Telephone Directory: By the time you receive this newsletter an updated directory should be available, and if you have not so far received one following attendance at a Sunday Service, please enquire from your Elder, or better still, collect one when you next attend.