Connections & Communications – May 2013

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Connections & Communications – May 2013

Keeping you Informed

Church Cleaning:

It has been decided to let a contract to “JET Clean” on a once a fortnight basis for complete internal cleaning of the Church Building;- this at an annual cost of $1794 including GST. The contract will commence from beginning of July, thus committing to an extra item of cost in the 2013/14 budget.  Volunteer rosters remain an essential need to clean on the alternate weeks, but the number of times the volunteer team is rostered for this duty will reduce by 50%.

How are our finances—you ask?: 

The Church Financial year runs from 1st July to 30th. June. At   the ¾ mark [end of March] we are heading towards a little less deficit at the end of year than we  estimated (budgeted for). This is partly because we have held back from expenditure on one or two intended maintenance items, -and also because of several unexpected donations.  Even so, we will end up the year having spent more than we will have received.

The largest item of income in any year is, as always, money from Congregational offerings or giving, and by far the majority of this money is received through the “Envelope System” of regular giving. If you wish to know more of this system, ask your Elder or the Envelope Secretary, John Chambers. Remember, under this system each April you receive a receipt and are able to claim 33% back from the Inland Revenue Department, so the overall cost to you is only a portion of what you give.

The current totals of giving trend show that our giving total is lagging behind with little change evident from several years ago. We are all conscious of the continual rise in costs of everything, but, if we stop to really think, we must admit that our incomes, large or small, have also risen over the last several years.

Where we stand financially as a Church family, and how well, or not, we are meeting the “money challenge” will be the subject of a presentation by the Church Council at a service towards the end of May.  It is also intended to be the subject of a short article in the June “Informer” to let you all know the current Church financial position.

Fire & Emergency Exits etc.:

By the time you receive this newsletter bulletin, or shortly thereafter, you will see notices in the Church building detailing emergency evacuation procedures to follow in the case of any emergency, such as fire, earthquake, or otherwise. The requirements for buildings of public use stipulate notices should be displayed directing how and where people should exit and where they should assemble outside, in case of emergency.  This will be attended to in compliance.

The Congregation, and all those using the building should also be interested and take note that the Church Building is regularly inspected by the Authorities regarding egress and exit compliance and fire equipment available.  Also, our own Church Property man, John Chambers, is delegated and required to carry out monthly inspections as to these matters and to record in a book, held near the electrical switchboard, that he has done so.

While we are talking on these topics, it is timely to ask ALL congregation and users of the building to ensure exit ways are kept clear and that fire fighting equipment is not compromised as to easy access at all times. It has been particularly noticed that often other furniture or obstructions, in the old Onewa Rd entry foyer, are placed in front of doors, and even the fire extinguisher housed in that area. PLEASE KEEP ALL EXTINGUSHERS AND EXIT DOORS QUITE CLEAR OF OBSTRUCTION.—otherwise the Authorities slap our hands!!

Working with other Churches:

The last “Informer” heralded the possibility of discussion meetings, using, as a base resource, a document on this subject recently published by PCANZ. It is the Church Council’s intention and hope that such discussions can progress to considerations as to better and productive cooperative initiatives between local Churches. Alf has, in particular, conferred with the Minister of St. Andrews, Birkenhead, as to how these group discussions might evolve. He has also approached St. Lukes and the Zion Hill Methodist congregations inviting them to join us in such discussion experiment. To date he has had encouraging response indicating tentative interest. At the time of writing this report, St Aidans has, therefore, suggested an initial duo of discussion evenings in June to be organised, with a third meeting following should a real flame of desire to do so eventuate. More details of dates, times and outline of content intention may be available by the time this issue goes to press. If so, a separate information item will be included elsewhere in the “Informer”.  Members of St Aidans , and the other Congregations who agree to participate, are encouraged to join and contribute in these sessions.