Connections & Communications – March 2013

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Connections & Communications – March 2013

Keeping you Informed


The Return of Alf:  Although 12000+ miles on the other side of the world, Alf continues to keep abreast of happenings at St Aidans, and to contribute periodically to the Parish life, as well as continuing his study programme. His thoughts remain closely with us, and throughout he has continued to contribute to the Newsletter with his “From My Heart to Yours” article,–thanks to the marvel of technology!


By the time you receive this newsletter in your home Alf will have completed the “Study” portion of his trip and will probably be visiting David & Liz at “their” Chateau in France. Alf is due back in N.Z. first week in March and I hope you are all planning to attend Morning Service on March 10th, to give him a big welcome as he resumes St Aidans Pulpit that morning.


Film and Dinner Social Extravaganza

Thursday March 21st.

A flyer setting out the details of this Fund Raiser event is enclosed with this newsletter.

Last year’s effort was a pleasure and a great success. You can be assured that this year will also be a similar “MUST DO” event.  Success relies on YOU to purchase your tickets AND to SELL TICKETS to your friends.  Do you belong to a walking group, Art Group, business, school, or other interest groups to which you can introduce this opportunity?   It WILL be a wonderful social outing!

We have committed to hiring the entire 120 seat No.2 Bridgeway Cinema and must need fill it (as we did last year) if we are to make, and not loose, money. So-come on! Who can you interest to buy into the fun? We must confirm numbers to the cinema by 12th March.


Easter Services: 28th, 29th & 31st. March.

It has been decided NOT to hold joint Services with St Lukes this Easter, but to honour the history and significance of this celebration by concentrating our devotions at our own St Aidans venue.

The Services are scheduled as follows: (all at St.Aidans)

Thursday March 28th.     7-00p.m.   Tenebrae Service

Friday March 29th.          9-30a.m.   Good Friday quiet reflection

Sunday March 31st.        10-00a.m. Easter Day Communion


Invitation from St. Andrews Birkenhead.

St Andrews intend a Good Friday Walk “Service” starting at Zion Hill at 8-00a.m. and walking to St. Andrews in Hinemoa St. stopping several times for readings and prayer.

St Aidans are invited to join and take part. The Church Council has decided not to officially take part in the activity, but to extend the invitation to any members of  St Aidans who would wish to join the walk. The walk will conclude by 9-00a.m. leaving the option open still for attendance at St Aidans 9-30a.m. Service.



Exploring Lectio Divina

On three Tuesdays in March: 12, 19, 26, you are invited to come on a journey to discover a more personalised reading of the Scriptures to try and hear what God is saying to you.

In her book “Too Deep For Words”, Thelma Hall outlines the four steps of Lectio  as:


and you will find in MEDITATION

knock in PRAYER

and it will be opened to you in CONTEMPLATION

She also says: “Far from being an esoteric way of prayer, intended for a sophisticated or chosen few, Lectio is in fact such a simple and effortless way of praying via sacred scripture that one wonders how, together with its contemplative dimension, it ever fell into disuse and obscurity. “

Come and find out whether you agree with this view as we go on a journey of exploration together in the Lindisfarne Lounge.


Come To Quiet

The regular meetings of the Contemplative Prayer Group will resume on the first Tuesday of March

Everyone is invited to join us in this practice of silent prayer held in the Lindisfarne Lounge on the first Tuesday of every month from 7 – 9pm.

Come and experience what is contained in this bit of Zen wisdom:

Sitting still

Doing nothing

Spring comes

And the grass grows by itself.