Connections & Communications – July 2012

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Connections & Communications – July 2012

  • Gift of Grand Piano-

The Family of Edith Sharrock has made a most generous donation of Edith’s Baby Grand Piano to the Church. This beautiful, high quality instrument, has been installed in the Church and is now in full use following a short Ceremony of Blessing which took place on Sunday 1st. July. The Church Council will now consider how best to deploy our total musical instrument stock taking into account this new acquisition..


Costs incurred in the tricky moving of the piano, its retuning, insurance cover, the provision of an acknowledgement plaque, and necessary soft covering, have been graciously fully covered by a donation from Don Boyd.


  • Building Bridges-

As reported last newsletter, eight members of St Aidans  responded to a call for volunteers to help at the Northcote Primary School on a regular basis to assist with special coaching in reading and maths. In happy reply a group of children came to last month’s “Drop In” morning to meet with residents of Shoal Bay and Regency Rest Homes and to provide musical entertainment. The result was a delight to both young and old. More reciprocal “Bridge Building” between School and Church is planned. If you would like to help- talk to Alf about what is involved.


  • Candidates for Moderator Designate General Assembly.

The Church Council will at its August meeting , and on your behalf, return its proportional preference vote on FIVE candidates who have allowed their names to be put forward for the position of Moderator of the Presbyterian Church Assembly  to take up office in two years time.



  • Rev. Alf Taylor-Study Leave-

Included in the general terms of appointment of Presbyterian Ministers is an entitlement to study leave equivalent to a little over one day per month of employment. This leave and the intention of the study has to be approved by the Presbytery, and timing arranged in conjunction with the  applicable Church Council.


Presbytery has agreed to Alf’s wish to redeem his current entitlement, and with Church Council approval he is currently firming up on intention to travel to the U.K. for this purpose in mid January  until the first week in March 2013- (this to include a couple of weeks Annual Leave also due). This timing will be helpful to this Parish, as portion of the time falls in the “slow” period of our activity year. More detail of Alf’s plans will be revealed once he has further progressed his arrangements.


  • Pilgrims Productions Presentation-

Mary Boyd has advised of the up-coming (in September) presentation, by this well known and popular group, of the show “GLORIOUS”.   St Aidans  has several times in the past benefited from social outings and fund raising via Pilgrim Productions presentations, and this opportunity could be considered again. For more details and publicity about the show, see the Church Notice Board.


  • Gaps in Duty Rosters causing concern –

Those who have the task of ensuring Duty Rosters (Morning Tea,- Door Stewards,-Flowers,- Cleaning ) expressed considerable concern at the last Church Council Meeting at the difficulty they are experiencing in filling those rosters without repeatedly calling on the “willing few” Is this an area where YOU may be able to assist?  Give it some thought!

If your thought responds –“maybe ?”-  PLEASE talk to Robin Baxter or Margaret King – Either will explain what is involved relating to any of the rosters, and, if you were to then be  willing to help, they will be so pleased to partner you with an experienced helper to initiate you to the roster task accepted.

 More hands DO  make light work”