Connections & Communications – August 2012

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Connections & Communications – August 2012

  • Pilgrim Productions-  Social & Fund Raising Opportunity- By pre-booking 45 seats or more, St Aidans has the opportunity to obtain a “deal” price for a group booking to attend the production of the on stage comedy  “GLOURIUS”. ( This play with music is based on the true story of Florence Foster Jenkins, a soprano of doubtful talent).  If sufficient interest is shown by Sunday August 12th. a booking will be made. The price is $22.

Date planed is either, Saturday September 29th. at 2 p.m., or Friday 28th at 8 p.m.


A schedule to record your interest is available at the Church each Sunday up to 12th August .


  • Vote for Moderator Designate- The Church Council has indicated its vote for Moderator Designate of PCANZ (two years hence) in the following  preferential order of those nominated :-  1. Rev. Fakaofo Kaio (Onehunga); 2. Rev. David Brown ( Ashburton); 3.  Rev. Martin Stewart (Bryndwr, Christchurch); 4.  Rev. Andrew Norton (Botany Downs Ak.);  5. Rev. Emma Keown (Glenfield).



  • Rev. Alf certified as in “GOOD STANDING” –  New regulations require all practicing  Presbyterian Ministers to  undergo an intensive “REVIEW” process every five/six years. Our Minister, Alf Taylor, has recently been subject to such a “check”, and has now received an official certificate declaring him to be a Minister in Good Standing. This qualification applies (other than serious catastrophe) for six years, when a further review is due. Congratulations Alf.   WE knew you were an O.K. guy anyway!


  • Alf has also been appointed as the official Presbyterian Church Representative for North Shore on the Waitemata Hospital Chaplaincy Board.


  •  AUGUST Winter Speaker Series – Following on from the success of previous years, a further series of speakers and discussions on topical subjects and Community concerns is being arranged for the Sunday evenings in August of 12th., 19th., & 26th.

The topics to be covered are Suicide, Abortion and Euthanasia. Details of these evenings will be advertised separately. There will be no charge, but a Koha basket will be available.