Connections & Communications – April 2013

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Connections & Communications – April 2013

Keeping you Informed

ANZAC Day Ceremony – Northcote

Your Church Council has agreed to again lay a wreath at the Northcote Remembrance Ceremony at Northcote, which will be held as normal in front of the War Memorial Hall, Rodney Rd., at 10-45 a.m. on Anzac Day.   This year is special also, as after seven years of “temporary” use as an office and storeroom, the War Memorial Hall has been re- decorated and returned to general Community use, and is again available for hire to the public. This means that the Morning Tea provided on ANZAC Day by the Inner Wheel Club of North Shore, will be held in the newly spruced up Hall as was the case before its “temporary” use precluded use of that facility.

Church Piano

The old piano which for some years has been situated in the area of the Lindisfarne Lounges has been gifted by St Aidans to the redecorated War Memorial Hall in Rodney Rd, -thus retaining its good Community use in the District, -the “temporary” custodians of the last seven years having amazingly “LOST” the original piano from the Hall.

The Upright Bernstein piano from the main auditorium of the Church has now been relocated downstairs to the Lindisfarne Lounges area where it will have good use, among other purposes, in the outward mission of the Church in the “Sing  Alongs” so popular with the Rest Home people at the Drop In mornings.

Churches Working Together

The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand has prepared a very good and challenging booklet on inter-church unity, and ways of working together.  St. Aidans Church Council is planning to use this booklet as a base for a series of discussion studies during June of this year. Alf will, on our behalf, invite St Andrews of Birkenhead, and St Luke’s Methodist Congregation to join us in meaningful discussion, incorporating this study as a basis, to seriously consider ways our Parishes could work more closely together, even to perhaps canvas the possibility of the future encompassing some form of co-operating or merging energies.

More details of Dates, times and venues will be advanced and published in the weeks ahead.

We hope the wider St Aidans Congregation will find this a very topical and early probe towards the future interesting and worthy of attendance.


Our first experiment into Café Church mode held on March 17th.attracted a happy attendance of some 45 adults and youngsters over a range of ages. From comments and reactions noted it appears to have sounded an appreciative response as to format and mingled formal worship and informal fellowship and learning most satisfactorily. The Church Council would appreciate hearing your views.  Meanwhile-the experiment continues each third Sunday with a light Breakfast at 9-30a.m. -morphing, by 10a.m, into a mix of formal and informality of song, prayer and worship especially geared to a spread of all ages. If you missed the Service on March 17th, why not give it a try on April 21st. You may be pleasantly surprised and inspired!

April Kids N All Service -7th. April

The first Sunday of each Month continues to be a Kids N All informal Service at the 10-00 a.m. time slot geared, particularly, to Families and activity. The April Service Theme is to be based on HARVEST, and includes echoes to older folk of what used to be known as “Harvest Festival”.