Connections and Communications – Sept 2012

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Connections and Communications – Sept 2012

From the August meeting of Church Council we would like to inform you of the following:


  • Floral Affair

This will take place on Saturday 15th September at 2.00pm here at St Aidans. Tickets are selling fast. Enquires to Margaret King 483 – 5680, Pat Reid 480 – 5749


  • Piano

Now that we have Edith’s piano, it has been decided that the upright piano in the Church Worship space will go downstairs and placed in the Lindisfarne Lounge with a suitable cover being obtained to protect it. The old piano currently next to the downstairs kitchen area will be sold via Trade Me. If you would like this purchase this piano please contact our executive elder Bruce Hay.


  • AGM date

This year the date of our Annual General Meeting will be Sunday 30th September following a short service of worship.


  • Facebook

We now have a page on Facebook, you are welcome to visit us sometime and check us out @ Community of St Aidans, Northcote


  • Hospital Chaplaincy next Date

The next date for assisting in the Sunday Hospital Service is Sunday 28th October. If you would like to volunteer to assist patients to attend the chapel service please contact Mary Boyd on 480 5028


  • Alf’s Study leave

Presbytery has approved Alf’s study leave from January 16th to March 7th 2013. Part of this time will be annual leave. For his study leave Alf will be undertaking a self directed programme of reading and study on Theopoetics and Spirituality at Sarum Ecumenical College in Salisbury, England.


  • Alf’s supervision of Ministry colleagues

Alf currently supervises three Presbyterian ministers on a monthly basis. He finds this both challenging and rewarding. Each minister’s church is invoiced by our treasurer.