Code for Living – March 2012

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Code for Living – March 2012


Forget each kindness that you do as

soon as you do it:

Forget the praise that falls on you as

soon as you have won it;

Forget the slander that you hear before

you can repeat it;

Forget each slight, each spite,

each snare, whenever you may meet it.

Remember each kindness done to

you whatever it may measure;

Remember praise by others won and

pass it on with pleasure;

Remember every promise made and

keep it† to the letter;

Remember those who give you aid and

be a grateful debtor.

Remember all the happiness that

comes your way in living;

Forget each worry and distress, be

hopeful and forgiving;

Remember good, remember truth,

Remember Heavenís above you,

And you will find , through age and

youth, that many people love you.

Author Unknown.

In the Morning

Help, O God, to meet in the right way and in the right spirit everything that comes to me today.

Help me to approach my work cheerfully, and my tasks diligently.

Help me to meet people courteously, and caringly, to suffer fools gladly.

Help me meet disappointments, frustrations, hindrances, opposition, calmly and without irritation.

Help me to meet delays with patience, and unreasonable demands with self-control.

Help me to accept praise modestly, and criticism without losing my temper.

Keep me serene all through today.

All this I ask for Jesusí sake. AMEN.


William Barclay


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