Church Councils – September 2020

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Church Councils – September 2020

From St Andrews Council Meeting meeting Tuesday, 25. 8. 20

Music and Worship Mentor: Rev. Robyn Allen Goudge

We are delighted to report that Robyn, a fine musician, will lead a music and worship ministry with

St A and A. She will be meeting with Colin soon to establish ways of working together with our enthusiastic singers and musicians in this developing ministry. She is “thrilled” to be working with us all. Read her letter later in the newsletter and reply to the Questionnaire !!!

St Andrews’ Accounts are in the process of being transferred to Xero and will be processed by Business Professional Services, as St Aidans’ are. This should make things easier for Ian Bogue who continues to be St Andrews’ Treasurer. We thank those who continue to give their offerings online and by envelope.

St Andrews’ AGM is Sunday 13 September after the Sunday service. Council has approved the AGM Reports. We continue to work towards selling the pews and buying more easily moveable chairs to facilitate the setting up of a playgroup with mainly music embedded for February next year.

Colin presented an interesting challenge in his report. We “need to change from a ‘problem solving’ approach to ‘exploration’ , having a passion for something and doing something about it without the need for a committee’. Hard for Presbyterians and their myriad committees??

We continue to work toward merger with our friends at St Aidans.

Rosemary Bold

From Saint Aidan’s Church Council

Work Group

At our congregational meeting on July 19th we agreed that the merger of Saint Andrews and Saint Aidans is approved in principle, permitting phase 2 of the merger process to be undertaken as set out in the 19 July 2020 ‘Reference Document for Congregational Meetings’ and in accordance with Book of Order requirements. The next step towards the merger is the establishment of a Work Group to undertake the required work to develop and present a detailed proposal for the joining together of the two churches. This will be co-led by Rev Colin Gordon and David Hansen.

We are happy to report that Cathy Fraser and Rachel Hurr will represent Saint Aidans on this Work Group, and we thank them for taking on this important task.


A new photocopier has been purchased for use by Saint Aidans and Saint Andrews. It will be housed at Saint Aidans, and as soon as possible it will be delivered there and people will be trained in its use. We look forward to having it available. Thanks to David and Rosemarie and the Finance team for arranging this purchase.

Fundraising Activities

We are all disappointed that our Concert planned for August 15th had to be postponed when Auckland went into level 3 lockdown. Ticket money will be refunded and it is hoped that the Concert can be re-scheduled. We still hope to hold our Floral Affair on Saturday 17th October (which is also Election Day) and it will be important to sell as many tickets as possible for the Floral Affair, and the re-scheduled Concert.

You are reminded that offerings and donations can be made to the Church bank account while we are not able to make them at Church.

NB See account numbers on last page of newsletter Ed

Making a joyful noise

Music in Church is important to us, and we appreciate all those who help to make it joyful and enjoyable. And now there is to be more!

In an exciting new venture Rev Robyn Allen-Goudge from Zion Hill is to work with singers and musicians to further enrich our worship services and hopefully to take our music into the wider community. At present the singing group leads music on the second and fourth Sundays each month, and Robyn will be present at one of these (second Sunday one month and fourth the next month). She will also mentor, encourage and rehearse the group(s).

Robyn is a very talented musician – you may remember her wonderful harp playing – and we look forward to what she and our church singers and musicians will do. The singing group is to be open and welcoming to all people with varying degrees of ability; all that is required is the passion for making a joyful noise. This could mean you!

Church under lockdown, and afterwards

Sincere thanks to Colin who quickly arranged worship services and meetings by zoom when we were no longer able to physically attend church, and to Rosemarie who organised our August Church Council meeting by zoom.

Rosemarie has now acquired a QR Code for Saint Aidans and this will be displayed at the church doors for us to use. I am sure that there will also be a sign-in sheet for people to use if they prefer. Rachel and the Health and Safety Team will make sure that the building is thoroughly cleaned before we return.We look forward to being back together again, but we appreciate the way that technology allows us to be together, even at a distance.

Thank you all for all that you are doing to keep in touch with members of our church family. Stay safe and well.

Nan, for Saint Aidan’s Church Council