Church Council News – December 2017

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Church Council News – December 2017

December Church Council News.

Advent Study: Michelle plans to lead an Advent Study on Tuesday
evenings for three weeks from Tuesday 5 th of December at 7pm in
the Minister’s Office. This will be for everybody with an invitation to
Birkenhead. It will be very entertaining.

Coastal Cluster: The Shore Churches are now going by this new
name. We hope things will be done more efficiently and faster and
we will no longer be frustrated by the Presbytery.

A Ministry Settlement Board was set up at a Congregational
Meeting on November 26. On the Board from the Congregation
are Andre Muller and David Hansen and from the Elders: Rachel
Hurr and Jeanne van der Merwe

Kids Friendly Team report A verbal report was received.
Congratulations to the Kids Friendly Team from Rosemarie – and
everybody seconded that. They have done a good job!

Toys at Christmas: Kids Friendly Team will organise collection of
toys and gifts from members of the congregation to be delivered

St Aidan’s Task Force continues to look at ways our
congregation can work more closely with other North Shore
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