Church Council News – Dec19/Jan20

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Church Council News – Dec19/Jan20

For December 2019 ‘Informer’

Floral Affair

We are delighted to report that the sum of $2800 was raised at this year’s Floral Affair. Again, huge thanks to everybody who contributed in any way, and particularly to the organising committee. Well done, everybody.

Christmas and holiday services with Saint Lukes

We will join with Saint Luke’s Methodist Church, Greenslade Crescent, as usual over the summer period.

24 December Christmas Eve –Saint Lukes

25 December Christmas Day 9.30am– Saint Aidans

29 December 9.30am Saint Lukes

5 January 9.30am Saint Aidans

12 January 9.30am Saint Lukes

19 January 9.30am Saint Aidans

26 January Normal services at both churches resume, 10.00 at Saint Aidans

At the close of this service we will hold a Farewell Morning Tea for Matt and his family.

Mary and Joseph

It is not too late to put your name on the list to host Mary and Joseph for a night or two over the Advent period. Look for the list at Church, or talk to Lynda Burkett.

Gifts for children at de Paul House and for Salvation Army foodbank

Thank you to all those who have already brought Christmas gifts and treats to be given to children and their families being looked after by de Paul House. These will be delivered on December 3rd so that parcels can be made up. After that date you can still bring Christmas treats for the Salvation Army foodbank. Thank you for all your giving.

Nan, for Church Council