Can you help? – March 2016

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Can you help? – March 2016

Can you help?

In late April I am due to go to Vanuatu with Rotary to help on a project rebuilding a school that was demolished by Cyclone Pam. Mbossung is on the island of Ambrym, off the coast on Santo in the north of Vanuatu.

As part of our ‘mission’, volunteers have been asked to bring any of the following to be given to the local people:

  • Reading glasses
  • Bibles (they all go to church on Sunday)
  • Balls – any size from tennis to soccer

Any donations will be gratefully accepted but keep in mind I also have to take food to supplement what the locals will feed us plus tools and clothing and some bedding.

I am due to leave Auckland on 23 April, returning on 4 May (hopefully before Number 3 grandson has arrived!). If you have any questions please just ask me.   Many thanks in advance,