ARK@S – November 2013

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ARK@S – November 2013


On Saturday 19 October our new youth group met for the first time. ARK@S stands for Acts of Random Kindness at St Aidan’s and is our service group for the young people of St Aidan’s.

The idea is to create a group where those aged 11 years and up can get together and experience how it feels to help others in the community, while at the same time enjoying themselves. We want to make a footprint in the community as well as a footprint in their souls- in other words, make a difference in the lives of all involved.

Our first ARK@S activity was a working bee at the house of Anne Glenny, where her overgrown garden was transformed by some diligent weeding, and her letterbox sanded down and repainted. The difference after two hours of work was obvious and appreciated.

There were nine young people, aged 11 – 15 years, supervised and aided by Liz, David and Andrea.

Alf and Robin provided a delicious afternoon tea back at St Aidan’s, where the young people had a chance to relax, and to discuss future projects for ARK@S.

You can check out the photos on our Facebook page- just search ‘Community of St Aidans Northcote’ under Facebook, or click the link at the top of our website page

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If you know of any suitable projects that ARK@S could tackle please contact Alf and we’ll see what we can do!