An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand


Over twenty years ago, a previous minister in this Community of Faith asked a member if they would undertake a particular task while he was away on study leave, the member replied in the affirmative. Who would have thought that over twenty years later, that person is still carrying out that particular task? That member is Malcolm King and the task is editing our Monthly Newsletter.


However, Malcolm has decided that from the end of the year he will step down as our Newsletter Editor.


As a Community of Faith we are deeply appreciative of what Malcolm has brought us over the past twenty years. Over that period of time information technology has evolved and consequently this has been a steep learning curve for Malcolm. We acknowledge his deep commitment and creativity in ensuring we have the Newsletter available each month for our reading pleasure.




With Malcolm stepping down as Editor it raises questions for me about the Newsletter:


  • Why do we have a Newsletter?
  • What is the purpose of our Newsletter?
  • What function does it play in our Community life and mission?
  • How is the Newsletter received by those who read it?
  • What would you like to see in the Newsletter that is not already there?
  • Are there any changes we may need to make to its content and style?


I would appreciate your thoughts and comments either verbally or in writing, handwritten or via email.


I look forward to hearing from you


Meanwhile Peace



P.S. Is the role of editor something that you may like to undertake, not of course for the next twenty years? Maybe you may like to job share in this role?