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An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

About Us

St Aidans Presbyterian Church, Northcote, Auckland is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, having its birth and infancy in 1888.

We honour and engage tradition through remembering in preaching, teaching and the sacraments; at the same time moving into an ever unfolding future, seeking to practice a Christian way of life; and wisdom through a life of knowing God through prayer and spirituality.

We are a people who are intentionally open and non – judgmental, an intellectual, generous and liberally inclusive community. We have no spiritual test to come in, no intellectual position to which one must agree, with our people holding a wide variety of views of social issues. We emphasise acceptance instead of doctrinal purity and diversity rather than uniformity.

We value the importance of asking questions and being open in community, for us this means, wisdom rather than certainty, questioning on the journey and upholding the idea that the Christian life will always be incomplete in this world.

Christmas and New Year Services

Sunday 18 December 9.30am Cafe Church: Advent 4

Saturday 24 December 7pm Christmas Eve Service Rev Roxy Gahegan

Sunday 25 December 9.30am Christmas Day Rev Mervyn Dine *At St Lukes, Northcote

Sunday 1 January 9.30am Reflections for the New Year *At St Aidans

Sunday 8 January 9.30am Communion Rev Peter Norman *At St Lukes, Northcote

Sunday 15 January 9.30am Rev Jeong Whan Lee from St Lukes *At St Aidans

Sunday 22 January 9.30am Rev Marilyn Welch *At St Lukes, Northcote

Sunday 29 January 10am *At St Aidans

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For the latest in what’s happening at St Aidans check out our Facebook page. You don’t need to belong to Facebook to view our page.  Or if you’d prefer to read all the latest stuff right here on our website you can read it here:

What’s Happening This Week in December?

Services over Christmas and January There will be some changes in time and venue for our services over Christmas and January as we share services with St Lukes, Northcote. See the Home page for details. Services will return to normal in February.   Cafe Church: Advent 4 Next Sunday 18 December is Cafe Church, our family-friendly service which starts at 9.30 am with a shared breakfast/morning tea, then the service at 10 am. This week is Advent 4: Love. Cafe Church is held on the third Sunday of each month, and has a focus on discussion and interaction. Toast, cereal

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What’s Happening This Week in November?

White Ribbon Day This week we are making a stand against domestic violence by marking White Ribbon Day, a Presbyterian-led initiative held on 25 November each year. Talking about family violence can be the first step in getting this often hidden problem out in the open. You will see the billboard publicising White Ribbon Day outside Saint Aidans, and ribbons tied outside it. If you are passing please take a moment to take a ribbon from the white pottle and tie one on our fence to show your support of White Ribbon Day. Communion Service Sunday 27 November will be

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Alf’s Blog

Alf has now retired but this will be left up for people to browse for a wee while until our new minister arrives.

This was a weekly column written by our minister Alf Taylor, which was included in our Order of Service each Sunday. Using poetry, images and stories from our everyday world, it seeks to encourage us on our journey of life and faith. Below is the most recent edition, back copies can be viewed via the Library Box on the ‘Alf’s Blog’ page.

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The Informer

This monthly newsletter is delivered or sent to all members and friends of St Aidans. Click below for the most recent edition. Back copies can be viewed via the Library Box on any of the Newsletter pages.

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We are located at 97 Onewa Road, Northcote, Auckland 0627:

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