Encouragement for the Journey – 30/10/11

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Encouragement for the Journey – 30/10/11

Greetings fellow Traveller,

A few weeks ago I was at a book sale and experienced great delight at finding a book by Hermann Hesse entitled ‘Wanderings.’ It contains a collection of his reflections and poems from his wanderings around the southern foothills of the Swiss Alps published in 1920. In one particular reflection he has these words:

‘Not a stone here that I did not love. Not a drop of water in the waterfall that I wasn’t grateful for, that didn’t come falling from the secret chambers of God.’

Those words ‘…… the secret chambers of God’, struck a chord within me. I was reminded that much about life is a secret or as I like to describe, a mystery.

To honour this mystery, I desire to look at life the world through different spectacles, for there is much more present before our eyes, than we can ever imagine. Of course I am being poetic, this helps me to describe glimpses of another world which lies beyond the gossamer veil, and is forever present.

Continuing in a poetic vein, I am enjoying these lighter mornings, delighting to hear a chorus of bird songs, each different, each bird offering it’s praise for the beauty of the new morning. Birds, perhaps we have a favourite bird who voice touches our heart or whose plumage is truly breath taking. How about the humble sparrow?

Last Tuesday when I was in my office here at St Aidans, a sparrow landed on the window sill and commenced to sing, then suddenly off it flew. My memory was triggered, of a time in 1974; I was working in the stables of the Mounted Police Department of the Merseyside Police, grooming my horse. A sparrow flew around me then alighted on a window sill. The words of Jesus came to mind, how I was of more value, than many sparrows. This was a comfort to me, as I was preparing to leave the UK to live in New Zealand and feeling anxious of what was in store.

An important question we may ask: is this world a safe or an unsafe place? The way we see the world, our neighbour and ourselves, with each having a place in the secret chambers of God, offers us a poetic worldview of life, of being embraced within God. That for me is a safe place to be and from which we may look at life.

Meanwhile Peace Alf