Encouragement for the Journey – 23/10/11

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Encouragement for the Journey – 23/10/11

Greetings Fellow Traveller,

A TV program I enjoy watching is the Australian edition of Master Chef. Earlier this week one episode had the final five contestants cooking for the person who was the inspiration for their culinary journey. For each contestant it was a family member. One particular contestant introduced his mother and sister, and he went on to say that his sister had had a liver transplant fifteen years ago, and her courage was his inspiration. There was not a dry eye in the Master Chef kitchen.

Watching that scene unfold, I was reminded once more, that we just don’t know what has happened or currently happening in another’s life, unless they tell us. On many occasions we may act upon on our perceptions becoming judgemental and critical, this may often be far from factual. I am reminded of those words of Jesus, in Matthew 7:1 ‘Do not judge, so that you may not be judged.’ The first part is very clear, but the second part, who judges us, simply we judge ourselves; our attitudes always shine through in how we treat another human being. It is no wonder, that Jesus continues this teaching with an invitation to take the log out of our own eye, before we can take the speck out of our neighbour’s eye.

When we look at our own attitudes, what drives and may motivate us, we discover that we have within us, uncharted seas and unexplored landscapes upon which are all kinds of untamed beasts roam. Who are we, we are many. Upon learning to accept ourselves, we learn to practice compassion, having empathy to ourselves and the fellow travellers we meet along the way. Then, if we suspend judgement, becoming open, at those times, in unexpected ways, we may receive encouragement for the journey.

Meanwhile Peace