Dates for December 2017

Sunday 3 10am Service – Rev Michelle Shin
Sunday 10 10 am Service – Rev Michelle Shin
Monday 11 10 am Drop Inn Morning and Christmas
celebration with
residents from Regency & Shoal Bay Villa
Wednesday 13 7.15 pm Church Council Meeting
Sunday 24 10 am Christmas Eve Communion at St Aidan’s
7pm Christmas Eve Candle light Service at St
Lukes Michelle
Monday 25 9.30am Christmas Day St Aidan’s Michelle
Sun 31 Dec 9.30am Service at St Lukes Michelle
Jan 7 9.30am Service at St Aidan’s Rev Peter Norman
Jan 14 9.30am Communion Service at St Lukes Ian White
Jan 21 9.30am Service at St Aidans Peter and Michelle.
Jan 28 10 am Back to normal Services at St Aidan’s.

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Notices – December 2017

Going Further in Discipleship.
6-12 Feb 2018
Ponui island
Cost $279 (includes meals and ferry)
Join us for:
learning times,swimming,worship,kayaking,prayer, spiritual
reflection,hiking,music,choco…lates,solitude…and much
Going Further is a growing time for young adults aged 18-30.
It’s a week in an amazing place to consider God’s loving of
us and living the Jesus way as you head into the year with
your life,career,studies and church.
Speaker- Darryl Tempero who teaches formation at Laidlaw
College Christchurch Campus. For more information and to
register go to:
If you know of anyone who would like to go on this
please mention it to an elder as a subsidy may be
possible. Ponui Island is in the Hauraki Gulf. August 2017 Page ? of ? 13 16
Keeping you Informed
Hospital Chaplaincy St Aidans is ‘on duty’
at North Shore Hospital Chapel twice
yearly to help as required with taking
patients to and from the Chapel.
The dates for 2018 will be 8 April and 16 September.
This requires a group of about 6 volunteers.
Dinner Club
Looking to have another BBQ the 3rd Saturday in
January. A great chance to make new friends.
For more information please contact Dale – 418 3793
or text 021 02345087, or email

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Church Council News – December 2017

December Church Council News.

Advent Study: Michelle plans to lead an Advent Study on Tuesday
evenings for three weeks from Tuesday 5 th of December at 7pm in
the Minister’s Office. This will be for everybody with an invitation to
Birkenhead. It will be very entertaining.

Coastal Cluster: The Shore Churches are now going by this new
name. We hope things will be done more efficiently and faster and
we will no longer be frustrated by the Presbytery.

A Ministry Settlement Board was set up at a Congregational
Meeting on November 26. On the Board from the Congregation
are Andre Muller and David Hansen and from the Elders: Rachel
Hurr and Jeanne van der Merwe

Kids Friendly Team report A verbal report was received.
Congratulations to the Kids Friendly Team from Rosemarie – and
everybody seconded that. They have done a good job!

Toys at Christmas: Kids Friendly Team will organise collection of
toys and gifts from members of the congregation to be delivered

St Aidan’s Task Force continues to look at ways our
congregation can work more closely with other North Shore
N a n , f o r
Church Council

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Grace Notes – December 2017

This is the final Grace Notes contribution until February
2018. This seems to be such a long way away. Such a lot
of activities have occurred during November which has
kept everyone busy and with Christmas just around the
corner, we will all get busier still.
I had an interesting experience last Monday when I had
been invited to be a model for an advertising agency
promoting a retirement complex at Mount Maunganui. I
was driven with two other models, to the Mount to pretend
that we were live in residents having the time of our lives.
It was a great day. The weather was perfect so I’m sure all
the photos of the sand and sea and the complex, would August 2017 Page ? of ? 9 16
hopefully encourage the patronage the business was
looking for. It was a fun day.
From Nan:
I am still in London with my new grand-daughter, Lula.
Lula is thriving well, and looking gorgeous, but she is still
not too good at sleeping, so I am able to support her
parents and allow daughter Eileen to get some rest in the
daytime, as well as getting lots of cuddles with Lula.
London is very cold, but mostly dry and we are able to get
out for walks most days. I will be back in New Zealand in
mid December and look forward to seeing everybody then.
From Edith
What a lot has been happening over the past month! We
know it is “that time” again
but there seem to be more visits and phone calls to the ‘not
so well’ and catching up with (really) old friends, as well
as farewelling dear friends from our midst. Son in law
Brett, on a business trip to Canada and North America,
spent time with his ‘adoptive’ family in Maine USA, taking
greetings from the whole NZ family whom they inherited
through AFS years ago.
Our Aussie ‘invasion’ – two granddaughters and two little
ones – was a happy and busy time. They and their NZ
cousins watched avidly as the big machines – diggers,
rollers, tractors – worked tirelessly on the property behind
our house, preparing for the huge pipes to be laid for the
Northcote waste water project . We heard that George (3) August 2017 Page ? of ? 10 16
couldn’t wait to get into his sandpit at home to operate his
The walls at Uppingham Castle were stretched to
accommodate all who ga thered there!!
Grandson Baxter (18)kindly obliged by taking me to my
Eye Clinic appointment – all the adults were working – and
I have to have someone to drive me home. Another sign of
the times!!
A bright little spot to finish – lunch with our ‘junior’
bridesmaid of 62 years ago on the occasion of her 80th
birthday! I used to ‘babysit’ her when she was three!!!
Season’s greetings to all – remember to check tea roster for
Dec and Jan.
From Pat and Colin
We are going to Tauranga to hear Peter play the natural
trumpet in Messiah with the NZ Baroque Orchestra.
Finally, I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.
Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.
Khalil Gibran

Message from Rosemarie Dawson.
Thank you to all members of our St Aidans Community. Your
friendship, love, care and support over the last months of Ralph’s
life and now after his passing has been extra-ordinary and very
special to me. I deeply value this and am grateful that I can call St
Aidans ‘home’.

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EDITORIAL – December 2017

This month our creche family is making its way day
by day from home to home around the parish and
will be back in church with us for the Christmas
One way we celebrate the coming of the Christ-
child is with gifts for others.
This Christmas St Aidan’s Community is offering its
members four(4) different ways to get together and
give to the local community and wider world.We
hope you will join in all or some of these.
Bring gifts to put under our Christmas tree to be
taken across the road for the children resident at de
Paul House.
Bring food for Christmas treats from the Food bank.
Help buy stationary vouchers for the start of school
for some of the families de Paul House is in touch
with. August 2017 Page ? of ? 5 16
Support our joint gift for the Christian World Service
Christmas Appeal this month.
De Paul House is delighted that we are thinking of
their families this Christmas.
At present they have 54 children in residence, all
ages :
newborn and up to 3 months x 6,
preschool x 20,
p rimary school x15
teenagers x10 (2 taking large adult size clothing the
rest medium)
(+ some not stated).
Boys and girls in approximately equal numbers
except more teenage boys.
Some suggestions they have made for gifts are as
Toiletries,new underwear,new
socks,jandals,chocolates,beach towels.
Things we take for granted are often treats for these
Wrapping paper August 2017 Page ? of ? 6 16
Please do not wrap the presents yourself as they like
to tailor the gifts to their families and the parents can
enjoy wrapping the gifts.
Christmas treat suggestions are:
Nuts and raisins 500g, packet of lollies 500g, savoury
biscuits, reduced cream, chocolates, canned fruit,
jelly and chips, Christmas mince tarts and Christmas
cake or pudding, shortbread and chocolate biscuits.
The items are taken to the Salvation Army depot
430 Glenfield Road.
(NB Fresh fruit or vegetables delivered to the depot
Mon Wed Fri 9.30 -12 is appreciated too.)
At the start of the school year parents have to come
up with $60+ per child for their school stationary. We
plan to give vouchers via de Paul House to families
who will find this a great burden at the start of the
2018 . August 2017 Page ? of ? 7 16
C W S w a n t s a l l p e o p l e t o h a v e
food,water,dignity,justice and lives free from
violence.They have for many years been working
with committed local partners because they are most
likely to make long lasting change for the poorest
What our contribution can do.
$35 will enable a Tongan woman to attend a training
on how to prepare for a disaster.
$366 will pay for the CWS contribution to a rainwater
tank in Uganda
$104 will train 5 women and Dalit local council
presidents in South India.
$27 will pay for 25 new trees or vegetable tubers in
the Phillipines
$358 will pay a week’s salary for a teacher in
Bring presents and food contributions to Sunday
church service or leave at Church Office during the
week. August 2017 Page ? of ? 8 16
Financial contributions. Put in a labelled envelope in
the offering on Sunday or use internet banking.
Our account is St Aidans’
Account number 02-01130024699-00.
In the reference please include your NAME (f you
want a receipt for tax purposes at the end of the
financial year) DONATION, and stationary/CWS as
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New
Year! Barbara

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