Dates for February 2016

Tuesday 2 5pm Yoga
Tuesday 2 7pm Come to Quiet
Sunday 7 10am Kids n All – New Zealand
Tuesday 9 5pm Yoga
Tuesday 10 7.30pm Finance Team meeting
Sunday 14 10am Quiet Service – led by Dr Greg Morgan
Monday 15 10am Drop Inn Morning with residents from Regency & Shoal Bay Villa
Tuesday 16 5pm Yoga
Wednesday 17 7pm Church Council Meeting
Sunday 21 9.30am Café Service The Stranger in our Midst
Tuesday 22 5pm Yoga
Friday 26   Friday Fun Night – Christmas Theme
Saturday 27   Dinner Club & Movie
Sunday 28 10am Holy Communion
Tuesday 1 2pm Renewal Team
Tuesday 1 5pm Yoga
Tuesday 1 7pm Come to Quiet
Sunday 6 10am Kids n All



British Humour

TEACHER: Now, Simon, tell me frankly, do you say prayers before eating?

SIMON: No sir, I don’t have to, my Mum is a good cook.

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Duty Rosters – February 2016

  Elder Door Duty Cleaning Flowers
Feb 7 Rachel Cam & Val Jet Cleaning Isabel
Feb 14 Helene Andre & Robin Jim Isabel
Feb 21 Robin Isabel & John Jet Cleaning Robin
Feb 28 Rosemarie Edith & Ann Betty Robin
March 6 Lynda Cam & Val Jet Cleaning Margaret

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Grace Notes – February 2016

A grace note is a melodic decoration in music which adds a bit more interest to the written score. I trust my contribution to the St Aidan’s Informer will do just that, add a bit of a sparkle of interest in what we each get up to.

Firstly grateful thanks to Edith for her ‘Meanderings’ column over the past few years. Edith, you did a splendid job, thank you.

Christmas has been and gone leaving happy memories of visits from family members the holidays have mostly been had and schools are gearing up for another scholastic year.

Mary B had son David visit from the UK for Christmas and also family and grandchildren from Melbourne. Helene and Andre’s son Johann from Melbourne and daughter Karen from France joined them for Christmas. I had my son David home from Perth along with daughter Connie from Wellington. Christmas certainly is a time for families.

From Edith F. December and January were exciting for Edith and her family. Eldest granddaughter, Claire returned from London after 8 years away, during which time she held an important position at a Paediatric I.C.U, Cardiac Hospital. Claire had returned home for a friend’s wedding so was also here for the birth of her sister’s second son. Edith was delighted to have her three little great-grandsons home together as well as her four granddaughters. A rare event celebrated by a special Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate being together.

Andrea and family Emily, James and Tim went camping in Tawharanui with extended family and friends. Tess returned from Europe, Kevin a Korean student stayed with the family for 10 days and now Andrea says the family is looking forward to hosting a German student in April.

Fiona and John along with Rosemarie have been involved in a fair amount of Scottish dancing over the past few weeks, attending the annual Scottish Country Dancing Summer School. Fiona informs us there are two free nights of dancing coming up on the 18th and 25th February. These will be held at the Milford Senior Citizens Hall at 7.30pm (Thursdays)

Bruce and Betty are off to Wellington on the 18th February to attend the Military Tattoo which will be held there.

From Barbora: Quote. I have recently returned from the Science and Technology Forum, where I stayed in Auckland University’s student accommodation with more than 150 students from all around the country. This event was organized by Rotary. It was two weeks of curiosity, learning and expansion of minds – both in regards to knowledge but also to how we approach new people, ideas and situations. It’s been a very encouraging start to my year, and I couldn’t recommend it more to anyone who shows the slightest interest.

Anne W and her friend Pam had the luxury of a 14 day cruise on the Diamond Princess which took them to the Bay of Islands, across to Sydney, back to Fiordland, on to Dunedin then home to Auckland. Coming into the Milford Sounds was memorable due to the magnificence of the scenery. Anne also mentioned the standard of hygiene on board, nobody got sick as had happened on another cruise ship at the same time.

Many of you enjoyed the recent Pilgrim Productions performance of ‘Scrubbers’. You will be pleased to know that it has been nominated for 9 awards by the ACTT. Something like the Auckland Emmy awards. Results will be announced in March.

Roxy commenced her new position with St.Cuthbert’s College on January 25th. We all became rather fond of Roxy when she spent her intern year with us; so it is with heartfelt best wishes that we wish her all the best for her new life and career.

We wish Rae a Happy Birthday in February and also two wedding anniversaries to celebrate. Pat and Colin on the 6th and Rachel and Simon on the 3rd.

And a quote

‘’Life is like playing the piano, it’s all about how you play it”



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More Notices – February 2016

Services in February

Sunday 7th     KIDS N ALL – Theme New Zealand led by Alf

Sunday 14th Quiet Service led by Dr Greg Morgan

(Alf at Waihi Beach officiating at the wedding of Pippa Hansen)

Sunday 21st Café Church Theme – The Stranger in our Midst

Led by Kids Friendly Team

(Alf on Retreat from 21st – 24th at Lindis Ridge Central Otago in South Island led by PCANZ Moderator Rev Andrew Norton)

Sunday 28th Worship, Holy Communion and Fellowship led by Alf



Dinner Club

The next dinner club will be on Saturday 27 February. We are planning to go to a movie after dinner. Come to the dinner or movie only OR come to both. Register your interest with Andrea or Rosemarie and we will confirm time, venue and movie details.

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Letter from America – February 2016

Just thought that you and some of the St. A’s folks might appreciate this letter I submitted to our hometown newspaper, here in Sedona.

What is going on with our political scene here is absurd, and I am sure that most Kiwis would agree.



This topic may appear to some as one found only to be relevant in far-away places or in different communities than Sedona; but I feel it is just as important to our area, here in the relative “safety” of our famous Red Rocks, as it is in New York, San Bernardino, or wherever.

The tragic animosities that are being fostered today, those resulting from questionable spokespersons, especially loud political figures, are driving wedges in American society that should have been long gone. I am referring to this provocative rhetoric, which says, “It’s us against them.”

I am referring to the crucial controversies surrounding the terrorist activities of some fanatical and criminal persons claiming to be Muslim; but, obviously, who are perpetrators of fear and death, and do not represent the authentic followers of an ancient faith that has found its place in our modern society, along with Christianity, Judaism and many other religious belief systems.

Yes, there are major differences, theological, social and otherwise, among religious groups and individuals, but for some of “us” to heap scorn upon or lack of trust in “them” is not a part of a genuine American understanding of faith and all that it stands for.

Of course, we are a nation that enjoys competition and “rivals” in much of our American lifestyle. And, as a retired member of the legal profession, I understand the use of adversarial pursuit; this means it is “A” vs. “B”, with each side having its advocates and positions that were presented as “we are right”, and “they are wrong.” It goes with the living in an orderly society based on fair and equitable laws. We do have judges (or, referees and umpires) who tell us when either “side” is making mistakes (fouls), and any decisions are to be respected, as are our adversaries.      

Surely, if we read and know about major historical events over the centuries, we are aware that some forebears of Christianity and other faiths pulled out all the stops in their efforts to dominate or destroy religious ideals and practices that differed from their own. All with some presumptuous pronouncement of being “the only true religion.”

Not too many decades ago, the Ku Klux Klan claimed to be “Christian” as the basis for many destructive actions and deaths that were perpetrated in the name of religion. Even a major symbol of that particular faith, a burning cross, was employed at the site of vicious criminal acts, like public lynchings.  

Likewise, many centuries ago, so-called “Christian” leaders and self-appointed “soldiers” in the name of Jesus Christ, waged terrible wars and devastation that pursued pompous causes called “the Crusades.” Not to overlook that children were exploited to carry out these provocative events.

But, now in today’s diverse society in our “great” country that welcomes the stranger with the Lady in New York Harbor, with a Constitution that provides “equal protection under the law” for ALL persons, sadly we are once again finding some of “us” deciding that there is no room for “them”.

As with the Crusades, we now feel we need to conger up reasons to search for and destroy those others among us in a world of division and diversity; and no wonder that some of “them”, whoever they might be, are finding ways to vent their frustrations in a world society that more and more keeps a few at the top and the many at the bottom. We might rationalize that the top spot is reserved for the clever and hard-working lot of “us”; yes, we who ‘deserve’ our exalted position. And we will be very certain to keep it this way, but if only the members of “they” would stop “their” misdeeds or move on to other spots on this old globe!

When we sing joyfully, “God Bless America” can we find reason to ask, whose God are we referring to? Why, of course, it’s “Ours,” not “Theirs!”

John Biggers

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