BIG DAY OUT – February 2014

The Community of St Aidans
Saturday 22 February 2014
From 12 noon
Little Shoal Bay
Please…bring a plate of picnic style food to share.
BYO         drink, plates, glasses and eating utensils, picnic rug or picnic chairs.
BBQs will be available to use

The tide will be in for those who wish to swim
There will be games and races for all ages
Join in all the fun of a good old fashioned picnic.

Any queries or if you need transport please phone David on 418 2015

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Dates for February 2014

Sunday 2nd      10am    Kids N All – Theme ‘Celebration’
Monday 3rd     10am    Drop Inn Morning with residents from Regency & Shoal Bay Villa
Tuesday 4th     7pm    Come to Quiet Lindisfarne Lounge
Sunday 9th     10am    Quiet Service
Sunday 16th     10am    Café Service – Theme “Journeys”
Wednesday 19th     7pm    Church Council Meeting
Friday 21st     12.15pm    Roast Meet – Lindisfarne Lounge
Saturday 22nd     12 noon    Community Big Day Out
Sunday 23rd     10am    Communion Service
Friday 28th        Friday Fun Night – BBQ / Games
Sunday 2nd    10am    Kids N All – Theme “National Children’s Day”

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Duty Rosters – February 2014

Elder    Door Duty    Cleaning    Flowers
Feb 2    Bill    Judith & Robin    Val & Cam    Robin
Feb 9    Robin    Cam & Val    Jet Cleaning    Isabel
Feb 16  Margaret    Isabel & John    Jeanne    Isabel
Feb 23  Rosemarie    Bev & Edith    Jet Cleaning    Margaret
Mar 2    Nan    Robin & Jocelyn    Nan    Margaret

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Correspondence – February 2014

Greetings from – Hamilton NZ
Ian Gray’s Christmas newsletter to friends
Christmas cards are beginning to appear in the post so I am nudged into tackling my newsletter giving not only an outline of the past twelve months, but also a warm, sincere greeting to you, who have travelled some of Life’s journey with Lesley and me. I hope now, and the coming year, will bring you blessings – friends, family, good health.
Life in the retirement village, as I wrote in my last newsletter, presents adjustment challenges. A married couple moving in together would probably find it easier as they can discuss points of pressure or concern but when single some of those points can niggle and get out of proportion. Having said that, I feel very fortunate to be here. The residents and staff I find very understanding, and I have several close friends amongst them.
Rose and Joy, my two working sheepdogs are the centre of my attention and strongly influence the daily programme. They must have frequent contact with sheep to keep them in tune for trialling competition and in that regard I am exceedingly fortunate for I have two very experienced dog trialists giving me encouragement. Maurie Hone just 8 minutes away has a 10 acre block and keeps sheep to train his dogs and welcomes my using the sheep too.  35 minutes away are a marvellous couple, Michael and Margaret Oliver who own a large hilly property and there I can get flock mustering, distance run-outs and hard exercise for the dogs to keep them fit. Despite their sedentary life in the village, when the dogs are out on the hills they give their all to the task in hand. So impressive!
The extended family is in good heart and has increased globally, by three great grandsons during the year. Ollie led the way, born in Vancouver, Canada, to Damon and Annie Gray on the 27th May. Sophie Tayler and Mark Vincett soon followed with Barnaby on the 30th May, here in Hamilton, and finally, for the year, Ruben in Melbourne, Australia on the 19th September, to Michael Tayler and Ruth Friedlander.  I have been sent delightful photos of them and at about a week’s age they all look remarkably alike – strong family likeness? The important thing is they all appear to be thriving.
During the past couple of years, at times I have felt like Christian in the Pilgrim’s Progress story. He carried this burden on his back, but somewhere on the journey he was helped to shrug it off. I refer to the writing of my memoirs my siblings and my immediate family have been agitating for, for some years. A neighbour here in the village, Ruth, who is stone deaf has a strong English Language understanding and reading is her main occupation. She leapt at the opportunity I offered her to proofread the text and this she did with exceptional accuracy and grammatical knowledge.  She is determined to have a printed copy. Another person who has helped me shrug off my burden is daughter Jeanette. Now retired from teaching and here in Hamilton she has considerable skill in manipulating photographs and those of course are a necessary inclusion in a story in this age. Daughter Alison, too, has guided me in the use of my computer.
Finally, 2013 is the 60th anniversary of when Lesley and I started creating Onesua High School, now College, out of the bush, on Efate Is in the New Hebrides, now Vanuatu. Four members of the family accompanied me, and we made a short six-day visit to Port Vila, met friends, now so few, from 1953 and visited the College. The current President of Vanuatu is Iolu Abbil, one of our students, 1959/61. I wanted to meet him again and he kindly gave us a morning. I was very surprised when there were several VIPs there including the NZ High Commissioner and was told the President would be presenting me with a medal. It was for Most Distinguished Service, their third highest award. I felt, and still feel, very humbled and wish Lesley was there beside me, as she had been during the years when, apparently, we earned the award.
To recipients of this email, I do feel it is a rather impersonal contact with good friends. Some of us may meet face-to-face during the year. To each of you, my thanks for your friendship in the past and may Peace and Good Health be with you in days ahead.  Ian Gray.
(Ian and Lesley Gray attended St Aidans from 1970 to 1997. Ian was an Elder.  Lesley conducted the choir for 25 years.  Contact details for Ian are available from the Editor)

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St Aidan’s Meanderings – February 2014

GREETINGS – It is so good to have Alf and Fleur back with us after their refreshing holiday.  As always our combined services with St. Lukes over January were enjoyable – it is good that we get together to share fellowship, and we appreciated our ‘guest’ preachers.
Many people flocked to the beach to enjoy the hot weather after their Christmas festivities, though the weather became changeable and some were caught in fierce floods while camping.  Enough to put you off, really.  But the hardy souls dried out the gear and continued.  Stanley Street was the scene of some great tennis during the Women’s ASB Classic and the Men’s Heineken Open, many of the players going on to do well at the Australian Open. Venus Williams caused a flutter of excitement at the tournament and seemed to enjoy her N.Z. experience, visiting Waiheke and other parts of the community, bringing joy to some retailers. She hopes to return, maybe next time to win the tournament.
There were some beautiful days for swimming early in the summer and, not content with her long distance running, our Jeanne was seen at the beach, complete with wetsuit, training for her distance swimming.   Go Jeanne
BIRTHDAYS – – We say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rae in February
WEDDING ANNIVERSARY – Congratulations to Pat & Colin and Rachel & Simon.
Nothing could have prepared Edith and Val (and the rest of the 120 enthusiasts) for the beauty of the gardens and ancestral homes in the Waikato.  The logistics of taking this number of people through four of the special gardens at Hamilton Gardens, providing music and snack food at each one made this a major achievement.  At the Japanese Garden of Contemplation, there was sushi and “Madame Butterfly”; the Italian Renaissance Garden provided pizza & Italian meatballs, listening to a string trio while enjoying a glass of wine; the American modernistic garden, with mini hot dogs and mini hamburgers, and a solo saxophonist playing music from the films; finally everyone gathered at the English Flower Garden to listen to Gilbert & Sullivan, having eaten plum duff & custard.  The public had all gone by the time our concert ended – the world was ours – and it was back to the hotel after a wonderful day of flowers and music.
The highlight of our 4 days was the visit to Waitomo Caves – the evening began with a superb dinner in the new catering facility, followed by the Opera Gala presented by 7 great opera singers, in the impressive Cathedral. Operatunity were granted special rights to present an opera concert for the first time in the Waitomo Caves. The acoustics in this cavern are world-renowned; imagine all your favourite arias as well as two of the most popular opera duets and a popular quartet, accompanied by a first class pianist – truly a magical experience.  Our evening concluded with the stillness of the glow worm grotto, gliding under a starlit ceiling of thousands of glow worms.  It was a happy lot who travelled back to our hotel in Hamilton, amazed by the whole experience.
The Glenny and Yarnton families had a happy occasion to celebrate when grandson Robert married Lena at the Markovina Vineyard in Kumeu in January.  According to Anne, everyone had a wonderful time though she admits she didn’t make it to midnight.  Congratulations Robert and Lena from us all.
Alf and Fleur had their son and family up from Wellington and had a happy enjoyable Christmas combined with their Auckland family.  The grandchildren enjoyed playing together. As a treat Alf and Fleur took two of the children by train and ferry to Devonport.  They were not swimming, but Alf and Luka were playing at the water’s edge when a child of about 4 years appeared to be in difficulties in the water.  Alf ran in (fully clothed – as one does) to rescue the little boy.  The result was a wet and uncomfortable ‘Poppa” who had no car to come home in, because he had come in the train and ferry.  He managed to dry out sufficiently to browse in the old books shop while Fleur took the children for an ice cream. When she phoned Alf to say they were ready to go, there was no answer. Luckily it was covered by insurance as of course the phone was all wet in Alf’s pocket!!
Ralph and Rosemarie looked forward to their journey to Waipu for the New Year Highland Games, especially as they were taking with them the World Chief of Clan Davidson, Jock Davidson, a resident of Northbridge. As always there was a full programme planned, but the rain caused it to be significantly shortened.  Nevertheless, a great occasion enjoyed by the Clans.
It was fortuitous that the cyclone decided to go away and Friday, 24 January, would be fine, as the Greenwood garden was to be the scene of an engagement party for Sally & Vini which was to turn into a wedding.  The families gathered, the ceremony had been planned and it was a wonderful surprise, as Sally’s three sisters were here from London and Sydney, Vini’s attendants were resplendent in their finery and 6 month old Niko looked cute in his ‘best’ clothes.  There was music and good food, a few tears were shed and a good time was had by all.  Congrats Sally & Vini on a wonderful occasion.
We look forward to another good year of worship and fellowship in our St. Aidan’s Community.  Remember to keep Saturday, 22 Feb, for the Big Day Out at Little Shoal Bay. Are you able to add your name to one of the duty rosters this year?   We hope that our summer weather returns and that there will be more hot days for swims.
Blessings –    Go well and safely.

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