Rosters – April 2013

Duty Rosters

  Elder Duty Door Duty Cleaning Flowers
April 7th Robin B Val and Cam Robin B Robin B
April 14 Bill Judith and Robin Dalia Margaret K
April 21 Jeanne Nan/Jocelyn Andrea Margaret K
April 28 Malcolm Margaret K and Linda B Linda B and Connie Isabel
May 5 Pat Colin and Avis Isabel

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Dates for April 2013

Monday 1st   Easter Monday
Tuesday 2nd 7pm Come to Quiet, Alf’s Office
Monday 8th 10am Drop Inn Morning with Residents of Shoal Bay Villa and Regency
Sunday 7th 10am Kids N All Service
Sunday 14th 10am Quiet Service led by Alf
Wednesday 17th 7pm Church Council, Lindisfarne Lounge
Friday 19th 12.15pm Roast Meet, Lindisfarne Lounge
Sunday 21st 9.30am Café Church
Friday 26th 6.15pm Friday Fun Nights
Sunday 28th 10am Communion Service
Sunday 5th 10am Kids N All Service
Monday 6th 10am Drop Inn Morning with Residents of Shoal Bay Villa and Regency

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A Little Extra – April 2013

Church Service in Future – A sign of things to come?

*PASTOR*: Praise the Lord!

*CONGREGATION*: Hallelujah!

*PASTOR*: Can we please turn our tablet PC, iPad, cell phone, Kindle Bibles to 1 Cor. 13:13. Please switch on your Bluetooth to download the sermon.

PASTOR* Let us pray, committing this week into God’s hands.  Open your Apps, BBM, Twitter and Facebook and chat with God

*PASTOR*: Please have your credit and debit cards ready as we shall now take tithes and offerings. You can log on to the church Wi-Fi using the password: Lord909887. Ushers circulate mobile card swipe machines among the worshipers. Those who prefer to make electronic funds transfers are directed to computers  and laptops at the rear of the church and those who prefer to use iPads  are allowed to flip them open. Those who prefer telephone banking are allowed to take out their cell phones to transfer their contributions to the church bank account. (The holy atmosphere is truly electric as the cell phones, iPads, PCs and laptops beep and flicker!)


*SECRETARY*: This week’s cell meetings shall be held on the various Facebook group pages where the usual group chatting takes place. Please don’t miss out.

Thursday’s bible teachings will be held live on Skype at 1900hrs GMT.

Please don’t miss out. You can follow your Pastor on Twitter this weekend for counselling and prayers. God bless you and have a wonderful week.

Eminent Scientist Speaks up for Christianity

Extract from “Ebbing of Kiwis’ faith defies belief” published in the NZ Herald, Wednesday, February 27, 2013.

An article by Dr Jeff Tallon, CNZM, a physicist specialising in superconductivity, who was awarded the inaugural Prime Minister’s Science Prize for outstanding achievement in science, had the following to say:

“So when Bob Jones claims that the God of our national anthem is a myth I can only presume that he has never studied the evidence…

To adopt C.K. Stead’s image, the relevant evidence is a “strong rope of many strands”.  To focus on just three: firstly the universe about us is astonishingly finely balanced to the point of profound improbability.  Our world has the distinct appearance of createdness…

The second strand is the Bible which shows itself to be both marvellous and miraculous.  It is marvellously corroborated by archaeology, astronomy and history.  It is miraculously endorsed by the accuracy of its long-range forecasting.  This is a strand of steel. The book of Daniel, for example, in a count-down of 173,880 days, reveals to the very day the coming of Jesus to Jerusalem at the beginning of Passion week – though it was written some 500 years earlier.  Today we blithely ignore such evidence because of its nominal impossibility (or possibly because of ignorance).  But something is going on here that defies our modern cynicism for religion.  It certainly leaves our weather forecasters for dead.

The third strand is the singularly unique person of Jesus.  Einstein thought his teaching “capable of curing all the ills of humankind”.  Napoleon stated “between him and whoever else there is no possible term of comparison.  He is truly a being by himself”.

Fully developed, these three strands cord a rope of evidence which to me is beyond reasonable doubt.  What are we to do with this knowledge?  The challenge is not just personal, but it extends to our institutions and our national ideals.  If Einstein was right (and he has been known to be right) we have in our national spiritual heritage a credible means to address all our social ills – at the very least.”

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Foreign Correspondence – April 2013

News from South Australia

We are both well.  Lee is working half a day per week as a hospital volunteer – staffing the cafe and Rob is now a part time professional street walker.  Four days per week for AC Nielsen doing the radio ratings survey. Getting paid for walking and talking.

We attend a local Church of Christ where the congregation has joint venture with the local council in running a new community centre complex which becomes a church on Sunday.  A very smart operation.  The congregation does not own any property so all revenue actually gets spent on local mission activity.


Rob and Lee

News from France

Bonjour chers amis,

Hello friends, Today, as I write, is the first day of Spring. Although the weather does not feel very spring-like, the trees and the garden as well as the birds are saying Spring has sprung. The change of seasons is far more marked here and the move into Spring is noticeable every day. I am sure a time lapse camera on the plum tree outside the kitchen door would show new blossom appearing almost hourly. On my morning walks the number of wild flowers in bloom increase each time. There are lots of daffodils for sale in our local Wednesday market. Before too long the weather will warm up and the countryside will be a blaze of new fresh colours – the wheat fields, the sunflowers, the vines, the ivy on the chateau walls – all truly a glorious sight.

We enjoyed having Alf here for a few days. It is a real treat for us to be able to share a little of our French ‘adventure’ with friends and family. Words and photos can only say so much.  It is often the ‘being there’ that is the ‘icing on the cake’. I am sure Alf will give his impressions of his French experience. We have a few more visits from family before we return home.

Next week we are away from the château for a few days visiting the Dordogne. From what we have read it is another beautiful part of this big country. Villages perched on the sides of rivers, old castles and châteaux, caves with prehistoric paintings. But as I said earlier being there will be the real experience.

So until the next time, we are your French correspondents saying à bientôt.

Liz and David

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St Aidans Meanderings – April 2013

Greetings – Some felt like dancing in the rain – hoping their tanks would be filled – the gardeners clapped their hands with glee – yes, some good was done, but we need lots more to make a difference to the crops.  Normally the dams would be low and Auckland would be on water restrictions after so long without rain, but thanks to the Waikato River, we have survived.

Fleur declared “it’s nice to have him around” – we agree – it is great to have Alf back among us and to know that he felt refreshed after his time away.  We were sorry he missed all that warm weather, but the opportunity to be immersed in such an historic community as Salisbury will have given him spiritual and learning enrichment. One couldn’t help but envy a long association with the beautiful Salisbury Cathedral and its environs.  Most of us recall a brief ‘tourist’ encounter with Salisbury in our O.E. – a must on a visit to the U.K.

It is good to have Anne home resting after her surgery.  Her doctor is pleased with healing progress in her leg which still needs lots of rest at home.

We have BIRTHDAY wishes this month to Audrey, Betty, Val, John, Wendy and Edith.  We hope you have a happy day and lots of fun.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY congrats to Bruce and Betty; Helen and Brian; and over there in Oz, Lee and Rob.  It’s good to celebrate these milestones folks.

Our thanks to the Kids n All team for your efforts in keeping Friday Fun Nights  and the Kids n All services going happily.  Cafe Church was fun – a really nice idea enjoyed by all who came.

The beautiful summer certainly favoured the Auckland Arts Festival and outdoor summer fun. Events that suffered last year from so much rain have had a bumper season. What a pleasure to organise an outdoor event, being confident of the weather.  The outstanding pyrotechnic display “The Breath of a Volcano” at Auckland Domain was an example. Thousands of people gathered to sit on the grass below the Museum where the light show was displayed on the long wall of the building and lighted figures cavorted on the grassy hill. The startling ‘volcano’ fireworks below the Museum, accompanied by wonderful music boomed out a spectacular portrayal. The crowd was reminiscent of Opera in the Park, but these thousands were paying!  Hopefully causing the Festival to be a financial success.  The cost of the pyrotechnic company from France would have been huge.

Speaking of art – at the North Shore Home and Garden show in March the floral art groups were invited to compete for displays in various categories.  Our Robin worked hard on the display for her group and we wished them well in the competition.

The Wearable Arts show “Off the Wall” at the Museum was, a must see.  To be up close to some of the winning exhibits from past years was amazing.  There are some extremely talented and industrious people.  This was a chance to see some of the exhibits housed in the Nelson Museum, and it was free.

WORLD DAY OF PRAYER was held early March at the Northcote Methodist Church (St Luke’s) and was well attended.  The theme was “I was a stranger and you welcomed me” and seemed real for New Zealand where we have people from so many different countries.  The service was written by the World Day of Prayer Committee of France, where there are also people of many nationalities living.

With so many Cruise ships in N.Z. this summer, it has been delightful to watch them arrive early morning and sail in the evening out past our beaches.  The most spectacular of course was the Queen Mary II on her circumnavigation of N.Z. following the charts of Captain Cook. Probably the best way to appreciate this magnificent liner is in daylight, from the ferry boat, as her size and majestic lines are lost at night, though her lights are beautiful.  Evening fish and chips at the beach have been popular this summer.

A big thank you to the organisers of our dinner and film evening in March.  We all know that a tremendous amount of work goes into the success of these events and we were not disappointed.  The meal was delicious (there were enquiries as to whether we would be having hot dogs! Due to the name of the film we were going to see.  Little did we know that the hot dog would feature in the film!!)  We have had more enjoyable films, but parts of it were interesting, especially to our age group.

Remember to watch out for the end of DAYLIGHT SAVING (7 April)

We will remember Anzac Day on 25 April.

It was interesting to note in the newspaper that NEIGHBOURS DAY (weekend of 23/24 March) was started on the North Shore by Takapuna Methodist Church and Methodist social agency Lifewise, now nationwide.  Although this may be the ‘official’ weekend, we reckon any weekend would do to invite your neighbours over for a cuppa.


God puts each fresh morning, each new chance of life, into our hands

As a gift to see what we will do with it     (source unknown)



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