Enjoy a “Night Out” – March 2013

Enjoy a “Night Out” Meal PLUS Film –
Great Value
Thursday 21 March 2013
Buy your tickets now
A 2 course meal at the Senior Citizens Clubrooms
119 Queen St at 5-p.m. followed at 6-30p.m. by a
private film showing at the Bridgeway Cinema
(ahead of general release) of the brand new comedy
drama film-
Staring Bill Murray, Laura Linney & Olivia Williams
Tickets are available NOW and we hope to sell out by the first
week in March so as to meet our commitment to the Cinema
 Attractive Package deal $25 for Meal & Film
A cash bar (Wine/Beer) will be available
 Film only $15
Contact Bruce Hay [-480-9642-], or Val Windross [-480-5915-] for more
This is a St Aidans Fund Raiser effort- It is also a fun social gathering-
Do come and bring your friends along too

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Dates for March 2013

Sunday 3rd 10am Kids N All – Led by Team
Monday 4th 10am Drop Inn Morning with residents from Regency & Shoal Bay Villa
Tuesday 5th 7pm Come to Quiet
Sunday 10th 10am Quiet Service led by Alf
Tuesday 12th 7pm Exploring Lectio Divina
Friday 15th 12.15pm Roast Meet – Lindisfarne Lounge
Sunday 17th 9.30am Café Service
Tuesday 19th 7pm Exploring Lectio Divina
Wed’day 20th 7pm Church Council Meeting
Thursday 21st 5pm Film Evening
Friday 22nd 6.15pm Friday Fun Nights
Sunday 24th 10am Palm Sunday and Communion Service
Tuesday 26th 7pm Exploring Lectio Divina
Thursday 28th 7pm Tenebrae Service
Friday 29th 9.30am Good Friday – Quiet Reflection
Sunday 31st 10am Easter Sunday – Communion
Monday 1st   Easter Monday
Tuesday 2nd 7pm Come to Quiet Lindisfarne Lounge
Sunday 7th 10am Kids N All Service

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Duty Rosters – March 2013

  Flowers Cleaning
March 3 Margaret King
March 10 Margaret King Edith Fyfe
March 17 Isabel Chambers Linda Buckthought
March 24 Isabel Chambers Nan Inkson
March 31 Robin Baxter Margaret King
April 7 Robin Baxter Robin B.& Isabel C.
Duty Elder Door Duty
March 3 Bill Houghton Judith Houghton & Robin Baxter
March 10 Robin Baxter Edith Fyfe, Bev Alquist
March 17 9.30am Bruce Hay Betty Hay, Jimi Colven
March 24 Nan Inkson John Chambers, Isabel Chambers
March 28 7pm Robin Baxter
March 29 9.30am Bruce Hay
March 31 Margaret King Hélène Muller, André Muller
April 7 Robin Baxter Cam Windross, Val Windross


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Foreign Correspondence – March 2013

News from the Sunshine Coast

First of all news about Missy. She is now a seasoned Jet-setter, at home in her new environment.  Where she used to look after me, she has become a family cat now and she waits for everyone to come down from the first floor in the mornings.  The two of us have our own wing on the ground floor.  I can hardly believe how she is wandering around to explore her new world.  She even walks around in the rain outside.

The place David has rented for us is enormous; the house as well as the grounds.  It is situated high up in the mountains outside Eumundi with Cooroy a few kilometres further on.  It is picturesquely beautiful.  The first evening here the sunset was something to behold.  Further down, just below the house, we suddenly saw a Wallaby which was standing and eyeing us with curiosity.

You probably saw on the news about the rain event, which sounds like an historical occurrence.  I have never in my life seen so much rain.  David has had to reduce the water in the pool twice as it lies level with the ground.

We are learning at great speed what it is like to live on “a farm”.  There has been a power cut since yesterday morning and it should be fixed again by this afternoon.  But that meant that the toilets don’t work, that the taps are dry in spite of the fact that all the tanks are full, because it works with a booster pump.

Carin had a piece of lamb leg in the freezer and last night we had dinner by candle-light, thanks to the gas-stove and the fact that Ouma knew how to make a potroast.

We are calling this the “Kindyfarm” and we have started a book with notes about things we should look out for.  The doors of the garage are electronically operated and there is no outside door.  Carin’s car is inside and she can’t get to it.  Fortunately, David left his jeep outside because they are undertaking the move from the other house by themselves and so most of the stuff is being downloaded into the garage.  It is quite an adventure and we are in the process of learning how to all live together.

My things should be here by the middle of February, but we are going to unpack selectively because eventually there will be another move once the dream farm has been found.

Much love to St Aidans



La Vie au Château


Bonjour les amis de St Aidans. Hello friends at St Aidans.


David and I are still enjoying our French adventure although things have been reasonably quiet for us for the past couple of months. It is winter here of course and so more time is spent indoors that out. However David is busy, as always, doing his DIY magic around the château. He seems to have a never-ending list of things he thinks need doing. However we have been out and about when the weather has been good. We have visited nearby cities and towns – Narbonne, Montpellier and Toulouse as well as participating in more local events. David has been to watch the local rugby team, Carcassonne, play. Not quite like the All Blacks or Les Bleus (although the latter are not doing very well at all in the current Six Nations series!) but he enjoyed it nevertheless, although it was cold. He found it good practice for his French and he now knows some Rugby terms en français.


We have also been to la fête du cochon (festival of the pig) at the hall in the village. This is an old tradition where a pig is slaughtered (nowadays off site) and a big meal is prepared for all to enjoy. We went to help with the preparations at 7am (still dark and cold) and had a little insight into how a small community works together.  Our meal at lunchtime was a stew of pork and white beans with sausage – all made that morning. Very simple in presentation but so yummy and so filling – we didn’t need to eat anything that night. The next day’s meal was barbequed pork. We didn’t go to this one as the lunch was followed by an afternoon of dancing….and that is not something in our comfort zone! I think David had thoughts of having to dance with the older ladies of the village.


We are still working hard at improving our French. We are becoming more confident and are beginning to have conversations (of sorts) with other people. It is such a ‘buzz’ for us when we have managed to express ourselves and to have been understood!


At the time of writing this, we are looking forward to Alf’s visit. No doubt he will report on his time at the Château in due course. Meanwhile if you want to read more of what we are doing in France, please visit our blog on


Until the next time, take care everyone.

Liz & David


Camino de Santiago  or The Way of Saint James

Many St Aidans people know that Colin & Pat first walked the ancient pilgrimage called the Camino de Santiago in Spain in 2001, following in the footsteps of their friend Howard in 2000. Walking every day for several weeks for an average distance of 20 kilometres was a new venture and Colin & Pat did not have confidence that they would be able to complete the walk of 780 kilometres to reach Santiago de Compostella. However 37 days later they did arrive in Santiago, having made many friendships of people from innumerable countries along the way.


Since that time Colin & Pat have walked other routes of pilgrimage in France, Spain and Portugal, all leading to the destination of Santiago. It is difficult to put into words the reasons why they continue to be drawn back to the Camino, so it was with some interest that they found these words recently, written by a Frenchman called Jacques Rouyre and quoted in his Obituary:


“The main reason that so many of us take an interest in the Way of Saint James is because it is a place of encounter. Its life lies in those who follow it, who have followed it, and will do so; in those who speak about it, who study it, who are drawn to its history, who love its monuments, who work for it.

“It has lived for more than a thousand years because, as a place of encounter, it provides more than walks, visits, or study; it generates a sense of community and of spiritual depth. These are not simply ‘places of memory’, but places of living memory.”

Pat and Colin


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St Aidan’s Meanderings – March 2013

Greetings – While we beach lovers and outdoor fiends enjoy this beautiful summer our thoughts go to the farmers and all who work on the land and rely on rainfall for their livelihood.  On the journey to Turangi we travelled constantly through parched pastures – the farmlands and hillsides were brown!  It was difficult to see what the stock could find to eat.  What a contrast then as the sparkling waters of a deep blue Lake Taupo burst through the bush – it took your breath away!  The sky was cloudless, the sun was hot, humidity was low – few cars about – peaceful – just about perfect.  A few days in the tranquillity alongside the clear and clean waters of the mighty Tongariro were just what the doctor ordered!!


Re-reading Jeanne’s story of her adventure on Mt. Kilimanjaro and picturing Alf’s experience of an English winter surely makes us realise the enormity of our world which is “filled with extraordinary places and travel (and) is about embracing this fact and living life to the full”.


BIRTHDAYS – We say Happy Birthday this month to Jocelyn, Cam, Malcolm and Nan.  We hope you all have a happy day and a good year ahead.


OUT AND ABOUT – A number of folk visited the Sculpture Trail on Waiheke recently and while the trail was quite challenging, it was the heat that affected people more.  The general impression seemed to be that the exhibition was not up to previous standards, though there were several sculptures that were remembered, particularly the ‘shelter’ pavilion of recycled building wood, where many enjoyed a rest in shade.  As always the lovely views from the top made it all worth while.

The development at Hobsonville makes an interesting expedition.  The walkway close to the housing and school, their park full of old shady trees and the new wharf with its interesting photos and historical information (especially that William Hobson was the first Governor in 1940!!!) will make the ferry trip worthwhile.


Betty and Bruce are off for their annual visit to Oakura in the north for their allocation of R & R – we hope the good weather continues – it is such a lovely spot.


The highlight of Edith’s few days in the Turangi/Taupo area with brother Ken, was a swim at lovely Pukawa on the western side of the Lake.  The Lake level was low but plenty of water at Pukawa. It was picture postcard stuff with blue sky, blue lake and hot sun.  Also lots of reminiscing by the Tongariro, the trout fisherman’s Mecca, with its unlimited walks and beautiful fishing ‘pools’. And soooo peaceful!


Nan and Kerr have an interesting change ahead – they have sold their house in Park Ave.  They would like to find another home in the Birkenhead area.  So if you know of one for sale …….


Didn’t Connie look pretty in her traditional Korean costume?  The week before, near Waitangi Day, it was interesting to hear people’s thoughts on being a N.Zer and for living in N.Z – we all appreciate we have much to be thankful for.


David and Liz tell us that it has not been so cold this year in their chateau in France.  They are looking forward to Alf’s visit and a big catch up.  We also are looking forward to Alf’s return to hear more of his adventures.  We hope he has fully recovered from the ‘flu’.  If only we could package up some of our sunshine and send it over to him!


HAVE YOU MARKED YOUR CALENDAR ON 21 MARCH?  The film “Hyde Park on the Hudson” sounds fun and you will remember how successful our dinner/film evening was last year.  Meal at the Senior Cits clubrooms 5 pm and over the road to Bridgeway for the film at 6.30pm.  $25 for meal/film;  $15 for film only.  Bring friends – contact Bruce Hay (480-9642) or Val Windross (480-5915) for tickets.



The game of life is the game of boomerangs.

Our thoughts, deeds and words

Return to us sooner or later,

With astonishing accuracy

             Florence Scovel Shinn


Blessings –    Go well and safely.



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