Dates for February 2013

Sunday 3rd 10am Kids N All – Led by Team
Monday 4th 10am Drop Inn Morning with residents from Regency & Shoal Bay Villa
Sunday 10th 10am Service led by Dr Greg Morgan
Friday 15th 12.15pm Roast Meet – Lindisfarne Lounge
Sunday 17th 10am Service led by Robin Guy
Wednesday 20th 7pm Church Council Meeting
Friday 22nd 6.15pm Friday Fun Nights
Sunday 24th 10am Communion Service led by Rev Bob Scott
Sunday 3rd 10am Kids N All – Led by Team
Tuesday 5th 7pm Come to Quiet Lindisfarne Lounge


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Duty Roster – February 2013

  Elder Door Duty
February 3 Nan Inkson André & Hélène Müller
February 10 Jeanne vd Merwe Nan Inkson & Joss Williams
February 17 Margaret King Malcolm King & Linda Buckthought
February 24 Rosemarie Dawson Avis Warren & Robin Baxter
March 3 Bill Houghton Judith Houghton & Robin Baxter

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St Aidan’s Meanderings – February 2013

Greetings – a Happy New Year to all – it is so nice to be enjoying the lovely summer days, yet wishing for overnight  rain for the dry garden.  Some have spent the annual holiday time quietly at home, while others have travelled here and abroad to catch up with family.  Jeanne had another wonderful experience which she tells us about in a separate story.   Alf is in the U.K. where we hope he is enjoying the change of temperature while Fleur relaxes in the warmth of our sunshine!  The beautiful jacarandas, the silk trees, the gums and the bougainvillea brighten our lives with their colour.  No doubt David and Liz and family have enjoyed the winter colours in France and will be looking forward to welcoming Alf on his visit.

Our thoughts are with the folk in Australia and Christchurch battling terrifying bush fires in the hope of rain soon.  As are our thoughts for improved health for some of our St Aidan’s Family who are coping with problems.

Birthdays – We say Happy Birthday to Rae and Michael (remember when he was a baby?) this month – have a happy day.

Wedding Anniversary – Congratulations to Pat and Colin and to Rachel and Simon.

Out And About

Val and Cam enjoyed their annual visit to Stanley St for the Ladies’ and Men’s tournaments and Edith had a day at the Heineken.  Weather behaved this year so there were no hold-ups. Our usual devotees soaked up the Aussie Open which was very exciting, particularly during the second week.

Pat & Colin sailed to the Bay of Islands and the Whangaroa Harbour in their yacht Fine Line III, along with David, Heather and family in their yacht. Apart from one gale that kept them at anchor for 2 days, the weather was hot and sunny with favourable winds – great for swimming. Colin had a further week sailing with 2 friends to the Mokahinau Islands and Great Barrier. Strong winds most days prevented them from shore walking, but they had good fishing and caught 3 big ones !

Hélène and André were pleased to have daughter Karen home from France over Christmas – Karen wasn’t quite so happy to return to snow and very cold temperatures after her holiday.

Our dear Rita was happy to sell her house towards the end of the year and even happier to be flying to Queensland to be with her family over there – things seemed to work out well for Rita’s new chapter and we send love and best wishes for the future.  We hope to see her when she comes to visit her daughter.

Edith and family welcomed home 2 grand daughters plus friend from the U.K. for Christmas.  No less than 19 family members shared the meal and fun of Christmas Day.  Lake Rotoiti then lured them all for a week’s relaxation in a rented house on the Lake shore.  Plenty of activity on the Lake with Rick’s boat and always something of interest in Rotorua when the wind was too strong. An interesting custom at the Lake was prior to dinner, everyone was asked to say what they were thankful for that day – it wasn’t called ‘grace’ but was both interesting and moving to hear what came out from a wide age range.    Edith then  joined daughter Kathryn and family for a few days at Mt. Maunganui which was yet another treat – good weather, close to both the Harbour and the Mount beaches for swimming and a cruise ship in and out every day. Such a friendly place for a holiday – plenty of room for the thousands – and the walk round the Mount never loses its charm.

The family camping at Russell in January caused great excitement when Grace (just 16) fishing from “Anchorage” landed a 206kg Blue Marlin.  Not only did Grace beat the Russell junior record, she established a national junior record! This opportunity occurred 4 years ago when members of the Swordfish Club offered their boats for young people to experience deep sea fishing.    Harry and Grace have taken part since the beginning and Grace is eligible for one more year.  She received many excellent prizes and if the record is not broken by next August, will bring home the coveted  trophy.

We look forward to Alf’s news and to keeping things going in his absence.  A good chance for us all to pitch in. Remember –“ NO ONE IS GOOD AT EVERYTHING, BUT  EVERYONE IS GOOD AT SOMETHING”  (if you’ve got kids, make sure they know what it is they do well, and help bring out these skills).

Blessings –    Go well and safely.


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Climbing to the Roof of Africa – February 2013

nwslttr31janI turned 50 and gave myself the most awesome present ever…

I left Auckland on Christmas day to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania – the highest mountain in Africa. After flying for almost two days, I arrived on Kilimanjaro Airport without my luggage! Of all the trips this would be the most inconvenient time to lose luggage, because not only my clothes but all the climbing gear were in the bag. I had to hire the equipment that night to be able to start my trek the next morning. I had my own crew consisting of a chef, waiter, porter and guide. It rained and stormed for the whole 6 days but that didn’t dampen my spirits at all. After four days of walking up to 15 hours a day, praying, puking, swearing and grunting (not necessarily in that order) I reached the summit on the first morning of the new year at exactly 6.15 (and I’m NOT a morning person!) The spectacular view from the roof of Africa was a wonderful reward for every strenuous step. I was 6km above sea level and the temperature was 18 degrees below zero. The weather was absolutely perfect for the first and only time during the whole week.

While I was looking down on the clouds, which stretched for as far as the eye could see in all directions, the rising sun coloured the glaciers and clouds an eerie pink-and-gold and I realised how very insignificant we actually are.

It was hard to stay up there for too long because of the lack of air pressure and oxygen, so I had to leave after about 15 minutes. Walking back down for the next two days was almost harder on the legs than the climb to the top.

People ask me how it was, …. well to tell you the truth …. It was like running a marathon in a huge freezer with a baby elephant on my back, while breathing through a thin straw, while having the world’s worst hangover – but that was one adventure in my life that I will remember as long as I live. A life long dream that came true.

Achievements like this make me think that our world is filled with extra-ordinary places and travel is about embracing this fact and living life to its fullest. Making the summit of Kilimanjaro was truly a life changing experience.




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More Notices – February 2013

Exploring Lectio Divina

On three Tuesdays in March: 12, 19, 26, you are invited to come on a journey to discover a more personalised reading of the Scriptures to try and hear what God is saying to you.

In her book “Too Deep For Words”, Thelma Hall outlines the four steps of Lectio  as:


and you will find in MEDITATION

knock in PRAYER

and it will be opened to you in CONTEMPLATION

She also says: “Far from being an esoteric way of prayer, intended for a sophisticated or chosen few, Lectio is in fact such a simple and effortless way of praying via sacred scripture that one wonders how, together with its contemplative dimension, it ever fell into disuse and obscurity. “

Come and find out whether you agree with this view as we go on a journey of exploration together in the Lindisfarne Lounge.


Come To Quiet

The regular meetings of the Contemplative Prayer Group will resume on the first Tuesday of March and will not be held in February.

Everyone is invited to join us in this practice of silent prayer held in the Lindisfarne Lounge on the first Tuesday of every month from 7 – 9pm.

Come and experience what is contained in this bit of Zen wisdom:

Sitting still

Doing nothing

Spring comes

And the grass grows by itself.


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