The Kingdom of Man – Sept 2012

The kingdom of man


Our world is the world within,

Our life is the thought we take,

And never an outer sin

Can mar it or break.

Brood not on the rich man’s land,

Sigh not for the miser’s gold,

Holding in reach of your hand

The treasure untold.

That lies in the mines of heart,

That rest in the soul alone –

Bid worry and care depart,

Come into your own!

                                                            John Kendrick Bangs

The only competition worthy of a wise man is with himself.

                                                            Washington Allston

             Every man has three characters – That which he exhibits, that           which he has, and that which he thinks he has.

                                                                                                       Alphonse Karr


A man should never be ashamed to say that he has been wrong,

          Which is but saying in other words that he is wiser today than he was yesterday.                                          Alexander Pope


            God has put something noble and good into every heart His hand created.                                                       Mark Twain    



          Life was meant to be lived, and curiosity must be kept alive.

          One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.

                                                                                  Eleanor Roosevelt                                

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The Healing Peace – Sept 2012

The Healing Peace


Slow me down Lord! Ease the pounding of my heart

by the quieting of my mind. Steady my pace with a vision of the eternal reach of time


Give me, amidst the confusion of my day, the calmness

of the everlasting hills. Break the tensions of my nerves and

 muscles, with the soothing music of the singing streams,

that live in my memory. Help me to realize the magical,

restoring power of sleep.


Teach me the art of minute vacations … of slowing down to

Look at a flower, to chat with a friend, to read a good book …


Remind me each day of the fable of the hare and the

tortoise, that I may know that the race is not always to the swift, that

there is more to life than measuring its speed…


Let me look upwards into the branches of the towering oak

An d know that it grew great and strong because

 it grew slowly, and well.


Slow me down, Lord, and inspire me to send my roots deep

Into the soil of life’s enduring values, that I may grow

Towards the stars of my greater destiny.





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Notices – Sept 2012


St Aidan’s Pianos



Edith’s Grand Piano


Moving the Piano

Our Piano Tuner advises that it is better not to move the grand piano on our carpeted floor. However as he agrees that this is impossible we should try to move it as little as possible.


When it is necessary to do so we should have several strong men who can take some weight and lift, rather than just push it across the carpet.


Upright Pianos

The Bernstein Piano will be moved downstairs to the Lindesfarne Lounge. A cover will be procured for its protection. It is envisaged that this will then be a useful room for small musical groups.  With the Grand Piano, and the excellent acoustics in the Church, it is expected that St Aidans could become a sought after Centre for Music on the North Shore.


The older piano at present downstairs will be advertised for sale. If there is anybody in the congregation who would like to have it, it is available for a small donation.



       Onewa Art Group

(Water colour painting)

Meets at St Aidans Church on Thursdays between  9.30 and 11.30am.

                                                A tutored Group.  Beginners welcome.


Contact Margaret, 480-9054, if interested.




He who hears music feels his solitude peopled at once.

Robert Browning (1812~1889)English Poet


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Connections and Communications – Sept 2012

From the August meeting of Church Council we would like to inform you of the following:


  • Floral Affair

This will take place on Saturday 15th September at 2.00pm here at St Aidans. Tickets are selling fast. Enquires to Margaret King 483 – 5680, Pat Reid 480 – 5749


  • Piano

Now that we have Edith’s piano, it has been decided that the upright piano in the Church Worship space will go downstairs and placed in the Lindisfarne Lounge with a suitable cover being obtained to protect it. The old piano currently next to the downstairs kitchen area will be sold via Trade Me. If you would like this purchase this piano please contact our executive elder Bruce Hay.


  • AGM date

This year the date of our Annual General Meeting will be Sunday 30th September following a short service of worship.


  • Facebook

We now have a page on Facebook, you are welcome to visit us sometime and check us out @ Community of St Aidans, Northcote


  • Hospital Chaplaincy next Date

The next date for assisting in the Sunday Hospital Service is Sunday 28th October. If you would like to volunteer to assist patients to attend the chapel service please contact Mary Boyd on 480 5028


  • Alf’s Study leave

Presbytery has approved Alf’s study leave from January 16th to March 7th 2013. Part of this time will be annual leave. For his study leave Alf will be undertaking a self directed programme of reading and study on Theopoetics and Spirituality at Sarum Ecumenical College in Salisbury, England.


  • Alf’s supervision of Ministry colleagues

Alf currently supervises three Presbyterian ministers on a monthly basis. He finds this both challenging and rewarding. Each minister’s church is invoiced by our treasurer.



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St. Aidan’s Meandering – Sept 2012

Greetings – The Olympics have come and gone and what an exciting time it was.  Great to see the world’s top athletes in action and specially good to see our N.Z. athletes up there.  It was both exciting to see them succeed and emotional to see our flag flying while the medals were presented.  Special camaraderie amongst the winners was good to see, especially for Drysdale after his courageous performance.

But our little golfer must surely take the cake – again – at this time.  Lydia Ko amazed us all by winning the Canadian Open  at 15 – the youngest ever.  Pinehurst school is very proud of their talented student.

Our local netball club champs finished on an exciting note and now move on to the inter provincial competitions.


Sadly, we farewelled dear Joyce Colclough whose funeral service was held at St. Aidans on 20 August.

Our thoughts are with the folk going through difficult times – Brenda B as she recovers from surgery;   Betty and Mary coping with ongoing treatment.

We think of Liz & David in France and Robin as she travels with friends in Europe.

Messy Church was a happy night in August  and the Friday Fun Night on 31st was lots of fun.  There’s no doubt that coffee tastes good at Rise and Shine on the third Sunday at 8.30am.  We enjoyed hearing from Ellen Reid (15) at the 10am service about her experience travelling to Fiji with a group from church.


BIRTHDAYS –  Muriel J had a happy day with family on her 97th in August.

Now we say Happy Birthday to Robin B, Christine H, Colin R and Bev A in September – celebrate and enjoy folks.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY congrats to Dianne & Trevor F.



Happily Edith enjoyed her weekend at Scandrett’s Regional Park (bunk was fine) though the serious walking was curtailed by stormy weather. Matakana market (with its whitebait fritters and little Jazz band) was attractive, also Leigh and Goat Island.  The newly completed University building is impressive and affords students the opportunity to live in for short periods while doing scientific research.  The ‘baches’ at Scandrett’s are on the beach, are well equipped and comfortable and may be rented through Regional Parks.

She later spent a weekend at Mt. Maunganui, at a Rotary caravan rally, staying with a friend in her holiday home and participating in the rally. There was an interesting visit on the Saturday to Kiwi Bus Company – a huge production unit building buses from kitsets from the U.K. They turn out 4 buses per week – some for Auckland.  The bus that took us round Tauranga had been brought from Milford Sound, was specially built for viewing with raised and angled seats, as well as ceiling windows – that way, everyone could see everything !

Nan and Kerr travelled to Boston where Kerr attended a conference and Nan enjoyed exploring the historic city and walking in the beautiful parks in sunny weather.  They first enjoyed a few days in San Francisco – a vibrant, exciting city which seemed familiar because it has featured in so many books and movies.  They enjoyed the diverse groups of people and amazing variety of architecture,  the cable cars and Fisherman’s Wharf with its old style fishing boats and seafood restaurants.  After the conference they stayed in Andover with friends and had some amazing drives and walks in the beautiful New England countryside north of Boston.


Bruce and Betty enjoyed their fly/cruise 10 days in Tahiti and round the Society Islands which they found a wonderfully warm and interesting experience.  Three days in the tropical paradise of Papeete and seven days cruising and visiting the Society Islands aboard the Luxury 20,000 tonne ship, Paul Gauguin, where every want and need was catered for – no expectation of tipping or extra cost, other than shore excursions of your choice.  Betty particularly enjoyed meeting diverse groups of people.

It was a great break to recharge worn batteries in a warm atmosphere, surrounded on board and ashore by a picture postcard setting.


Liz and David are settled in their ‘home’ in the south of France – it has been great coming back, many things being familiar and settling in relatively easy.  Very hot  – 40+ on some days – too hot for Liz.  Fortunately the pool is well used.  With cooler mornings walks before breakfast are a regular thing.  So lovely walking beside harvested fields, past  fields of sunflowers awaiting harvest and between fields of vines laden with red or white grapes.  Virtually no traffic and always a cheerful “bonjour” from walkers or runners.  Always pleased to have news from St. A’s – if you want to catch up with Liz & David  go to


Back in Kiwiland Pat & Colin sampled glorious mountain views on their trip to Wanaka recently.  Colin had some excellent skiing while Pat walked on the tracks round the Lake.  When the weather was not suitable for skiing they would drive further afield to other walking tracks – one was from Albert Town along the Clyde River to the Wanaka Lake Outlet – another along the hilly lakeside at remote West Wanaka.  Staying at the Altamont Lodge, they had fun watching the Olympics with a sociable group.  (Aren’t there some lovely spots for us to visit!)


A little bit of family news – Joan tells us that her son Prof. Hamish Spencer (Zoology) has been selected as the new Director of the Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology and Evolution, a New Zealand Centre of Research Excellence hosted at Massey University.  He replaces current director Professor Charles Daugherty, of Victoria University in August.  (Congrats to Hamish from us all).


At time of writing, we look forward to Fathers’ Day at Kids n All and hope that you have all invited someone to come to the ‘FLORAL AFFAIR’ on SATURDAY 15 SEPTEMBER 2PM.  There will be flowers and music to enjoy AS WELL AS High Tea !!




Go well and safely ….

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