Encouragement for the Journey – 18/09/11

Greetings fellow traveller,

Once more, this community of faith, celebrates, another Annual General Meeting. I thought for a moment that would be my focus for this week’s Encouragement for the Journey.

Then it happened, at the Floral Afternoon, my eyes were opened, there was wonder, beauty and creativity, expressed through the floral displays and musical items. What a gift we have been given. So I thought I would offer you a number of quotes for your encouragement and reflection:

“Did you know that secret? The awful thing is that beauty is mysterious.”
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

“Whatever creativity is, it is in part a solution to a problem.”
Brian Aldiss

“Where there is great love there are always miracles.”
Willa Cather

“Just a tender sense of my own inner process, that holds something of my connection with the divine.”
Percy Bysshe Shelley

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
Albert Einstein

“It is the creative potential itself in human beings that is the image of God”
Mary Daly

“You are an incarnation of uniqueness.”

Joseph Campbell

Meanwhile Peace


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Encouragement for the Journey – 25/09/11

Greetings fellow traveller,

Today, we honour the ministry of hospital chaplaincy, in the various hospitals and hospices around Aotearoa New Zealand. An aspect of the Chaplains ministry is being present in the presence of absence, we too

experience times of absence, may these words John O Donohue be a source of encouragement on your journey.

Meanwhile Peace


For Absence

May you know that absence is alive with hidden presence,

that nothing is ever lost or forgotten.

May the absences in your life grow full of eternal echo.

May you sense around you the secret Elsewhere

Where the presences that have left you dwell.

May you be generous in your embrace of loss.

May the sore well of grief turn into a seamless flow of presence.

May your compassion reach out to the ones we never hear from.

May you have the courage to speak for the excluded ones.

May you become the gracious and passionate subject of your own life.

May you not disrespect your mystery through brittle words or false belonging.

May you be embraced by God in whom dawn and twilight are one.

May your longing inhabit its dreams within the Great Belonging.

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Encouragement for the Journey – 04/09/11

Greetings fellow traveller,

Today is ‘Father’s Day’. The very word father conjures up all kinds of images, memories, and experiences; these will be personal to us. It is impossible to compare one person’s experience with another, indeed, even in a family; this can vary from sibling to sibling. Honouring those differences, I offer some thoughts for your reflection:

I believe that children know intuitively, what they need, yet unable to verbalise it. They instinctively know when love is present and when it is absent, when they feel safe and secure and when they are vulnerable.

With some children, their father is not their biological father, yet, love and care for them is deeply present.

There is rampant commercialism of father’s day and the skills of the advertiser would have us believe, the more expensive the gift for father’s day, the greater is the expression of love and appreciation. Don’t let us be fooled. The reality is our appreciation and love can be expressed in words or with a simple action costing $0.00.

In recent years, the absence of a father in a child’s life has received intense research at various levels. Space forbids a fuller expression of this, it is enough to say, a child needs both a female and male presence in their life for healthy development. How this may be achieved in a society that has changing values and understanding of what is a family, is open for debate.

Today, what do you want to acknowledge about your father, the good things and the not so good things each will be part of your experience and will have influenced your life’s journey? During our service today, there will be an opportunity for each of us to express that in a meaningful way.

Meanwhile Peace


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